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    Finished Playing Kh 2 ??

    I see most people are geetting real far in the game so soon after it was released? :eek: How many of you have finished the game and how long did it take you?
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    COM and KH2

    :p Hey you guys. Im soooo excited that KH2 is coming out!!:p But I have a few questions I never played COM because I didn't feel like running out and buying GB Advanced just to play one game. How much of COM is in KH2, because I hear it picks up right after COM?? And how much "new" stuff do...
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    Please Help me Find Dalmations...

    Okay I have heard that there is a alternative ending to the game. Now I kow the games has been out for a while and I have beat the game but Im having a little trouble getting the dlamtions that are in Alice in the wonderland in the tea party garden. I've tried every possible combination to get...