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    ansem's name

    if ansem( kh1's Ansem) is actually called xehanort then why do the people of hollow bastion (ff char.) called him ansem then if then been there as long as he has and he started developing darkness 7 years before the event of kh1 (according to leon)
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    kill.switch in my opinion i think its a great game but it is difficult to acually play for long times becuase the ai is just too damn smart i bought the game about a 3 months ago and when i ask mi frends they sed the neva herd of it i dont wanna sound like a loner but has ne boddy got the...
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    SE is slack [spoiler]

    ******* Warning major spoiler for sum***** nah im just joking about SE but take a look at this to the keen eye u can see that some are the keyblades are infact have doubles i dont no what this means but im sure ill come up with sumthing later
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    i just need to no this have ppl already beetan kh2 or not cos then how do ppl get to see the ending fmv dont flame me but u can close this down if it inapropriate i just want to get mah facts straightened out
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    the thirteen points

    13. "Where’s Sora?" "We must find him" 12. [Ansem's other report] "A creation born of ignorance" 11. Behind the darkness (not equals sign = with a slash through it) Door to the light 10. The secret place "His voice...it's left me" "this time I'll fight" 9. A world between = a forgotten world...
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    helpful orginization list

    1. 2. 3. Xaldin - spears(6) - wind 4. Vexen - shield - ice 5. Lexaeus- tomohawk - earth 6. Zexion - ??? - mind?? 7. 8. Axel - fire and wind wheels - fire/and wind?? 9. Demix - sitar - water 10. 11. Larxene - claws/throwing knives - lightning 12. Marluxia - scythe - ??? 13. just thought this...
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    sora is cheesy

    just want ppls opinions but would u think sora and the whole world of steamboat willie sholud be like really chessy just for laughs i mean it would look so kool. i mean it the cut scenes would be like all old skool cartoony omg i cant wait to see what it would turn out to be
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    leader of the order

    just mi opinion but for sum reason i keep thinkin that sephiroth will be the leader of the organization iv got a couple of reasons why 1.he kicks @$$ 2.he kick sum serious @$$ 3.not yet revelead but so far no one has got a katana as a weapon 4. DiZ is against the order so he cant be the...
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    i apolgize if this has been done before i havent been on in a while. Q.is anyone gonna keep all their kingdomhearts 2 trailers once the game finally comes out (whenever that may be) i mean there seems to be little point once u get the game personnally i would get rid of them since i used...
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    white mushroom hunting

    for those who want to find white mushrooms and get the pizes the hold ei mystery goo i found this lil helper to get them 1. go to deep jungle 2.land at the camp site. 3.go in and out once ( u can skip this iff u want but you might get lucky andfind t he mushroom straight off. 4.SAVE YOUR...
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    short keyblade

    how come when sora goes in to brave form the keyblades are real short i mean in kh1 the outhkeepper was a massive keyblade in kh 2 its shruken to about half its size same goes for the kingdom key
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    wah ok evry body just post the word "wah" before they say ne thing then ure free to say wat u want
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    Create A Heartless V1.0

    Create a Heartless. ah this might be sum fun. Ever wanted to make a heartless for yourself (although u may already hav and just dont know it) well guess wat know u can and share them with your friends!! How this works: it would be best if u set out your info like this. Name: duh the name of...
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    Shell Shitake!

    wat is all this shell nonsense. Jeez lines with shell in them have only been usd a few times in the whole kh franchise and there not even close to giving out any information about wat it all means i mean in final mix when sora defeats the enigmatic man in the cut scene there only a few...
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    Final mix differences

    What are the differrences between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final mix Since i only no a little bit about final mix can ppl post: 1. The differences betwen both games like plot and cinimatics sequences? endings? IF THERE A MAJOR SPOILERS PLEASE DONT POST THEM...
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    Sora's last name

    has anyone actully thought of what sora's last name is? post stuff about it here