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    [Spoiler]KH:3D - Starting from a clean slate, seriously now?

    Hello there fellow KH Fans, Today I wanna discuss the thing about the latest entry, KH:3D and the Mark of Mastery exam. Am I the only one who's pondering over the fact, that even though Master Yen Sid says that both Sora and Riku need to start from a clean slate, but Sora starts out knowing...
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    Weird predicament: Supporting developers issue

    Hello all ye good folk here at the boards, This may come off as quite silly, but I find myself in a rather serious predicament: I want to support the great gameplay developed in the Birth by sleep game, by buying this game, but my economy doesn't quite surfice for a PSP system, so I want to buy...
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    The wonders of Kingdom hearts "template".

    Hiya there all of ye good folks, There's one thing that has been on my mind for a LOOOOOONG time now, and that is, to put it bluntly, how the kingdom hearts series have developed as an action RPG "template", so to say. It's one of the few game series where I've seen so much progress concerning...