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  1. J

    Favorite Mini Job

    I am doing the little Grandstander,Mail Deliverer,and Cargo games and I was wondering which was yalls favorite? I like grandstander the best because you are hitting a lot. What is your max combo also?
  2. J

    Green Requems?

    I am after going to the end of the world and I need to find some Green Requems to get an item to synthesize something so that I can get the ultima weapon. Where can I find some of them? Which world?
  3. J

    Difference Between LE and Sig?

    Does anyone know what the better features and "more" will be that are going to be included in the LE Edition of the guide for KH2? I cant decide if I wanna give the extra 10 bucks for nothing but a art book and a little cooler stuff.
  4. J

    Have You Preordered or Prebooked?

    I dont know if this has already been posted. I looked a little bit and didnt see something like it. My friend and I went and prebooked it yesterday. :) I cant wait! :D