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    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    i like tomokii's her's looks the coolest. but nice job to everyone tht entered and tomokii u got serious drawing skills!!!!!
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    Secret Boss

    mmmm well i would like something tht u would be able to fight along side ur team mates not like Kh2 when they r thr when u talk to Sepherpoph and then they disappear tht was really gay. it would be cool if u had to fight MX and his apprentice along side ur team plus the king tht would be...
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    Vanitas and the Golden Eye

    nevr mind i seen it. and i dont no wht to say. u cant really say alot from this. but it looks like he has brown eyes or golden and tht mostlikey represents darkness and he has black hair. so mmmm im not sur we'll just have to wait and see.
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    Vanitas and the Golden Eye

    wht the? thr is a pic? can anyon eshow me it plz?
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    A Mickey Route?

    tht would be awesome! i would lik to no wht he goes through and it would be fun to play as him. and i thought about it to but its too soon to tell i think. plus if thr was then im surprised we havent seen any thing from it? lik game play or pics from it. but it would be cool so i hop so
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    More forms?

    ?????? truthfully i dont no wht Blade Charge is or Wing Blade? is it thr armour? or r u talking about thr vehicles? plz let me no.
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    Birth by Sleep(collector's edition)?

    xD lol hahahahahaha nice Neo nah but i would like to see a soundtrack, and creaters putting in something tht u could earn like and extra disk tht has download able stuff for the real game. Like how some games have tht adds on the story like extra bosses, minigames, keyblades, keychains, stuff...
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    Birth By Sleep Keyblades changed?!?!

    WTF?! they look really dumb now! i mean Ven's still looks the same beside the Keychain and the color but now Terras is all small! and Aqua looks really messed up i mean y would they chang it this late??
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    Riku's blindfold

    yea Byronic Hero is correct thts y he has it plus hes a badass with or without it.
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    BBS in Gameinformer

    o i no where u can hear him say it!!! k just go to youtube and type in Kingdomhearts birth by sleep. then look for the trailer and it should have ven sayin it
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    Which Order Are You Doing?

    Well i will most likely do Terra, Ven, Aqua. Just cuz thts the order or i might do Ven, Aqua, Terra because i really wanna paly as Ven and see how his fighting style is.