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    my brother has a question

    my brother has a question, he says when roxas was fighting sora in that cutsecne at twtnw, roxas says "why did he chose u". he thinks he's refurring to terra, but i think he's talking about xemnas. what do u ppl think
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    what do u think vens real name is?

    i wanna know what u think vens real name is. take a guess.....
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    who do u think will be the final boss of kh3?

    i think it will be xehanort cuz sora killed his heartless and nobody and he's all thats left right?
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    how long do u think it will take to beat BbS?

    i think it will probly take 3-5 days
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    what do u expect/want to hear about kh in the next month or so?

    i wanna know what u expect/want to hear about kh in the next month
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    blue eyes

    have u ever noticed how a bunch of the goodguys in kh have blue eyes? sora, riku, kairi, roxas, i think nami,v,a,t, ect.... kinda odd how so many of them have blue eyes. its odd to me
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    do u think they would ever make a kh fighter game?

    wouldnt be cool to if they made a kh fighter game simalar to soul callaber where u can choose ur char then their keyblade(s) or other weapon that would be cool.
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    who is strongest out of VAT

    personally, i think terra is the strongest
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    which of the new games do u think will u play first?

    hi, im new to khi and i want to know which of the new games are u gunna play first because i cant decide