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  1. Petrex

    Bbs box cover sleeve

    Hey my box cover was ripped apart by my baby brother and I would be enternaly grateful if somebody could get me a full scale size scan of it so I can replace it so If you could just pm it to me or post it here ( pm would be easier ) again. Thanks to anyone who can help me out CloudStrifeSmile
  2. Petrex

    sora all info please

    SOMEONE HELP ME GET SORA I GOT MICKEY, i think ive completed each mission, but is it in mission mode, story mode, challenge mode, do i have to get all chests, all emblems or what? please private message me or profile visitor message me because i am uncapable of followig these threads :'[...
  3. Petrex

    how can i download kindom hearts font god damnt!

    idk where this goes, does it matter idk sorry tho but where can i get KH font for word and how can i use it!?!?!?!?
  4. Petrex

    mickey and sora gameplay?

    how can i unlock mickey and sora??? on daYs
  5. Petrex

    bbs is a major downer

    ive only seen the intro and terras ending and i already hate BBS i therefore decided not to watch anymore till the game so tell me what do you think? also if you have not see the vids already out DO NOT i repeat DO NOT watch them!lettuce
  6. Petrex

    bbs out already!?!?!?

    hey this site sais that the game is already out to people who have orderred it, so are there already videos up yet or not??
  7. Petrex

    help meee!

    facepalm okay look , i am lost beyond my mind,..how can i download the bbs game?, how can i "hack my psp, and was there really a leak of BBS? raitohahaha so please! tell me all you know! i NEED to KNOW or i will die of complete confusion!
  8. Petrex

    some signatures i made =]

    comments are GREATLY appretiated _______________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Petrex

    xigbar/braig eyepatch and scar

    does anybody know ow xigbar got his eyepatch and scar?
  10. Petrex

    his name is...theory

    alot of people think tht ansem the wise saying "his name is ...." refers to the baby on the beach, but it doesnt because he talks about sora, the boy who weilds a keyblade, who can connect his heart with anyone. the baby thing was just an added cutscene idk y but gimme your ideas?
  11. Petrex

    vanitas' keyblade has a chainbut no item at the end?

    okay so in "trailer TGS2009" vanitas has his keyblade but the chain ends without any certain item...why? KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep not sure if this directs you to the exact thing or not, but its under movies.
  12. Petrex

    more pictures

    i found a few pictures on the famitsu website. NOT SURE IF THERE OLD OR NOT BUT I THINK THEIR FINE
  13. Petrex


    can anyone help me explain what these symbols are? and the symbol eraqus ven aqua and terra are wearing
  14. Petrex

    terra vs aqua ???

    as you can see terra and aqua are in a bit of a conflict what could this mean? your ideas?
  15. Petrex

    how can i get two become one?

    how can i get the two become one keyblade?
  16. Petrex

    new characters and such

    im new to the whole BBS and i wanted to ask a few questions... who is zack? so TAV aren't ancestor of riku sora and kairi? who is Vanitas? Who is Vearn? Who is the dude with MX in the mask? Who is Eraquas? and whatsup with the white pete? sorry for posting anything old.
  17. Petrex

    His name is....?

    okay so i understand the conflict on who is who here but i think , personally, it might me riku cuz he was originally chosen as a keyblad weilder, thus maybe the reason sora was sitting alone in the flashback/flashfoward?:confused::confused:
  18. Petrex

    disney and square enix u.s. or jpn

    I am prety sure disney is from the U.S. and if not please notify me of this and i guess square enix is from japan how did they meet?:confused:
  19. Petrex

    riku and KK

    ive been reading alot of threads and none of them tell me when its been announced that riku was ment to gert the KK
  20. Petrex

    lexaeus a hero?

    hey what does lexaeus' title meen? SILENT HERO?