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  1. khlover7

    KHI-You have some explaining to do

    This what I see before I log in. Well?
  2. khlover7

    What is Master Eraqus getting out of this?

    I find it a bit odd why he isn't on Sora's "to save" list, they're trying to gather every Keyblade Master possible and last time I checked he is one. I know he is like in Terra's heart or something, but does it mean he comes with him as well when Terra is "saved". It seems like every character...
  3. khlover7

    -:-||♫⊕ The Xigbar/Demyx Fanclub ⊕♫||-:- v.2

    [Okay Roa the fanclub will live on!] -:-||♫⊕ The Xigbar/Demyx fanclub ⊕♫||-:- ♪Founder♪ Roa ♣Owner♣ khlover7 ⊗Members⊗ NumberVIII|Winter The Wise|thylings|Strawberry|AxelYoYo|1skyxonedestiny 8298906 ♪Fan Art♪ ⊗XigDem Comics⊗ ♫Songs♫ Calling you - Blue October Fix You - Coldplay...
  4. khlover7

    .::Xemnas Fanclub::. v.2

    [Sorry Future and Strawbs I'm taking over! rawr!] Old Fanclub here This Fanclub is dedicated to the power hungry, Kingdom Hearts obsessed, Xemnas! Quote:"I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time." King Sora X .::Members::. .:New Founder:. khlover7 Future|Strawberry|Shinra...
  5. khlover7

    ~✫~Lexeaus❤Zexion~✫~ Fanclub

    [Because Roa made the HC] Sor-RAH on dA ✫Reasons✫ 1. Lexeaus needs somebody too! ~khlover7 2. Zexion is the only one Lexeaus can trust ~8298906 3.Before Lexeaus died his last word were "Forgive me Zexion" ~8298906 4.Zexion visited the place were Lexeaus died in the KH manga ~8298906 5.This...
  6. khlover7

    The things we did/believed when we were little

    I have an urge for funny stories :D Here's mine: When I was a toddler I use to love Barney.Then one day I dreamt that during the airing of the show the costume head came off, and there was nobody in there. I feared that show until I was seven. The End Discuss
  7. khlover7

    Oh look another reference in KH

    I wasn't sure where to put this one Sorry if this has been pointed out but here you go: X-Blade: Coat of arms of the Holy See http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9f/Holysee-arms.svg Discuss
  8. khlover7

    Green Eggs and Ham

    It's Dr. Seuss's birthday, my school went all out on it. s1elleface Discuss not if it really matters
  9. khlover7

    Shamu kills trainer in Orlando

    not sure I put it in the right section Female trainer killed by whale at SeaWorld during public show Seaworld has a real handful Discuss
  10. khlover7

    Luck Charms

    I'm not talking about this So any of you guys have something? I have a real lucky rabbit's foot *sniff* mmmmmmmmmmmm dead rabbit Discuss
  11. khlover7

    So what do you guys think?

    So Premium is probably coming up soon,maybe. So I'm wondering what to use as my next username . Use the poll and discuss.
  12. khlover7

    ~♥✖|Vexen/Marluxia Fanclub|✖♥~

    [Yes I'm serious] ~♥✖|Vexen/Marluxia Fanclub|✖♥~ ~Reasons~ 1. "The perfect experiment" -khlover7 ~Mascot~ The Grapest <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/KL3EwjWhyUU&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x402061&color2=0x9461ca"></param><param...
  13. khlover7


    King Mickey can travel through the CoD, right? He knows that Aqua is in the Dark Realm,so why doesn't he just travel through the corridors and grab her (and possibly AtW)!? And why didn't he use them at the end of KH2 at TWNW?
  14. khlover7

    Sora and Castle Oblivion

    We know Aqua created CO and placed Ven there. So they would go back there eventually. My question is: Will anyone tell SDG what happened there, or will SDG pull a Roxas and begin to remember stuff? Another thing I've been thing about is: Why didn't the Org. find Ven there? Another plothole...
  15. khlover7

    10,000 Things You Should Never Do at School

    Title says it all. The limit is three stuff. gogogogogogogogo! 1. Go to Sex Ed and ask for HW 2. Put your finger in the automatic pencil sharpener
  16. khlover7

    Possible plot...

    It would be kinda corny, but I see some possibility in this. We know Vanitas looks a whole lot like Sora, right? Well I thought how at the secret ending of BBS it hints on Sora saving people connected to him. Maybe Vanitas will return and pose as Sora and do evil stuff during his adventure. If...
  17. khlover7

    Axel's tattoos

    This probably doesn't have any significance, but it's just a thought. You know when someone dies a friend/relative gets a tear drop tattooed, it isn't always done. Then I thought to myself, in a way, when someone becomes a heartless they technically die. So maybe the tattoos represent the...
  18. khlover7

    Fanfiction ► KH 358/2 Days - My Way

    Well I got bored so I’ve decided to make a fanfic. I added the cameos for laughs. Everything belongs to their respectful owners Chapter 1: The New Recruit The Castle it Never Was: “Tell me again why we’re doing this.”, Saix said. “Because we can’t have Organization 13 with twelve members!”...
  19. khlover7

    Just a thought..

    Well I just thought of something. When someone's Heartless and Nobody is killed by the keyblade (it has to be in this order), that person can return to normal. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Then the idea came, Xehanort's heartless was destroyed first, then Xemnas. Xehanort can possibly return, and...
  20. khlover7

    Guess who's back...

    After my very long adventure (don't ask) I have returned! So yeah...