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  1. Tiax

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy: The Forgotten Fables

    Note: I'm a little new to this fanfiction stuff. O.o; Don't hate, appreciate. NoteNote: This fanfic is heavily based on the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Dissidia. Other terms such as spells, classes, enemies, ect. are also based on the series. -Intro- Long ago, in a world known...
  2. Tiax

    I'm back for good (maybe)

    It's Tiax! Ruler of all! I doubt very many of you know me, but I was a member here about two years ago. I was only here for maybe four months, but some of you from the RP folder should know me. In fact, that's why I'm back. I plan on creating an RP along with some writing a fanfic. I hope to...
  3. Tiax

    The Armageddon (An Aciotn RP) (Sign-up)

    The Armageddon In an alternate universe, somewhat similar to ours, there's the kingdom of Arieth which was ruled by a king who loved his people and tried to make his world a better place. But, deep within the shadows, watching every move the king made, there was a group people who wanted his...
  4. Tiax

    Which game is more challenging? 2

    You all obviously think KH1 is more challenging than KH2, so...eat this. =/ KH1 KH: FM KH: CoM KH: Re: CoM KH 358/2 Days I guess KH2 doesn't count, because any monkey can beat it, right? ... I think KH: CoM was more challenging. GBA and KH just don't mix...
  5. Tiax

    Which game is more challenging?

    Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2? Personally, I think KH1. The controls were harder to master than the ones in KH2. Also, you used items slower in KH1. That sucked.
  6. Tiax

    Fanfiction ► Armageddon

    This is something I've been wanting to write about for a while. I'm a busy person, so I'm not entirely sure when I'll write the first chapter. Tell me what you think of it. :cool: Prologue: Once upon a time, in the kingodm Alterion, there was a king whom was loved by all. He did everything...
  7. Tiax

    Marluxia's Element

    It's more death than flowers...wouldn't you agree?
  8. Tiax

    Who's or what's the other replica

    I remember reading about another replica Vexen made in the secret journals. Any idea who that may be? I doubt it's Repliku (Riku Replica)...
  9. Tiax

    I'm a NOOB

    Mind tellin' me how things work? I've noticed a few things other users could do and I couldn't... How do you put the spoiler text thing in your messages?