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  1. doortolight

    lock on rotation

    in the kh2 fm part of the disk, I seem to be unable to rotate between lock on targets. am I doing it wrong? is it disk error? critical mode? I'm trying by L2 R2 to ratate but nothing happens
  2. doortolight

    Chances of worldwide release

    I read somewhere that the FM's are always in english because the japanese actually prefer the english voice acting. perhaps they'll wait till after the english dubbing is done as well to release world wide, so that the japanese could have the english voice acting immediatly, and just have a...
  3. doortolight

    Pre-release rituals

    Kingdom hearts 3 is gona be a big deal to alot, so I was wondering if any one planned on doing anything special to comemorate the occossion? personally I plan on playing all the gaes in story order prior to 3's release date, with the twist of watching the associated movie of each world at the...
  4. doortolight

    Ursala's eye

    I noticed an odd glitch, while fighting giant ursala. one of her eyes will at times go lazy then after a few seconds go back to normal, has any one else noticed this?
  5. doortolight

    Little things

    simple enough just little things you noticed in kh, that others probably missed for example I found in the jafar boss battle, when you're hitting jafar you can see genie celebrating in the background
  6. doortolight

    Destiny Island Riku battle question

    In the part on destiny Island where you can fight riku as much as you want and it then afterwords tells you how many times you won, Is there a limit to how high the win total can get before it stops counting I'm sure there is but have no idea how high that would be does anyone know?
  7. doortolight

    hard to find dream eater material

    where can I find epic fantasy?
  8. doortolight

    What weapons do you hope to see in KH3?

    the title speaks for itself what weapons do you hope to see in kh3. whether it be a keyblade or otherwise. Personally I hope to see a secret keyblade in it that looks like the chainsaw blade from the original consept of KH