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  1. TerravsVentus

    New Deck Commands and New Unversed?

    Are there any new Deck Commands and new Unversed? If any could it be posted here?
  2. TerravsVentus

    YAY!!! BBS IN the WEST!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA I'm so excited Seem that Nomura & co. and making some major additions to BBS for the West!!! That might mean a Final Mix for BBS!!!!! (Depending on the changes to be made. I read its only dialogue and weakening and strengthening some bosses here and there. The interview is on...
  3. TerravsVentus

    Keyblade Abilities

    Does anyone know the abilities of each Keyblade? I want to know why Delicious Tower is the best Keyblade for Ventus (supposedly)
  4. TerravsVentus

    LS Vanitas again

    Yes Terra and Ventus can fight LS Vanitas like Aqua I'm sorry if you already know this Go to Season3 Archives and go to: Jan 13 2010 10:02 Link to the Archives: Justin.tv - 反幻想聯盟Season3 Archives
  5. TerravsVentus

    Command Board

    Has anyone figured out how it works yet? It is being played here Tales Square. on Justin.tv
  6. TerravsVentus

    Reconnecting Kingdom Hearts

    From the what Sora says at the end of the Secret Ending Sora has to return what wasn't his in the first place right? He has to reconnect everything connected to him (Ventus, etc.) Criticism is welcome
  7. TerravsVentus

    Ventus Scenario

    Back up and Running OUTS奧特斯! on Justin.tv
  8. TerravsVentus


    Sora absorbed Ven after the credits So Sora released three hearts?
  9. TerravsVentus


    Ven must of had a darkness comparable to Terra's b/c to have enough negative emotions to create a "Being". Ven must have serious issues we don't know about
  10. TerravsVentus

    Aqua Vs Vantias

    Hurry will end quick 反幻想聯盟Season3 on Justin.tv
  11. TerravsVentus

    Ven sleeping

    Does Ven then wake up as Roxas? From Heartstation.org: Ven, sleeping at Yen Sid’s place, can’t wake up
  12. TerravsVentus

    Japanes Version and Asian Version

    I'm going to purchase Birth by Sleep and I need to know if there is a difference between the Asia version and the Japan version Asia Version Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Sony PSP) - Play-Asia.com Japanese Version Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Sony PSP) - Play-Asia.com The Asian...
  13. TerravsVentus

    Wait or Buy from Japan

    I am buying the game when it comes out in Japan Can't wait for such an awesome game!!!:lol:
  14. TerravsVentus

    Beginning Worlds

    I have noticed that the starting world sort of gives you an insight to the basis of the game will be Like Traverse Town or Cross Town Sora was crossing over the worlds Twilight Town Sora and Roxas Roxas and Xion Both are travelling together side by side Light and Darkness Land of...