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  1. Absent axel


    YouTube - Super Giga Drill Breaker YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Vanitas Dlink
  2. Absent axel

    Oh for the love of god help me.

    I am fighting Final Vanitas but when i get up to the d-link part you have to rotate the analog stick, well my analog stick is fucked and drifts so its basically nearly impossible to finish him. Is there an alternate way to beat vanitas in d-link mode?
  3. Absent axel

    Trophy queshunnnn

    How do you get the beat "proud/critical mode" trophy in terms of: Do you need to play all three stories on proud or just one? Edit: Sorry i forgot there was a help thread for birth by sleep by the time i posted this >.<
  4. Absent axel

    More avatars+more

    Heartstation has recently posted that updates of Avatar kingdom are coming. New Mobile Avatars + More | HEARTSTATION.ORG
  5. Absent axel

    Organization emblem help!

    I am doing the mission in twilight town where you have to find all the emblems but I can't find the last one! I already found the one that was high near the wall using glide. But i turned the place upside down looking for the last one! Little help here! Post screenshots or link a video that...
  6. Absent axel

    The crappiest/corniest games you ever played aka Kingdom Hearts II discussion thread

    This is my first topic, so if ive done something wrong please acknowledge. (but i know how to use forums so im okay) So anyways, what are the worst games you ever played or that were boring? mine was wall-e, its so boring and bland i just stopped playing. also crappy puzzle elements. And...
  7. Absent axel

    And another one joins the count

    So im new. (despite posting before and not making a topic first. so discuss. :D and i hope to enjoy my time here.