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  1. Petrex

    KH Easter Gift! (for the wishful thinkers)

    waiiit it ses it come this summer how would it ship 12.31.10?
  2. Petrex

    2 questions <.<

    the emblems have to have the rings... and if the rings disapear then just killl a heartless
  3. Petrex

    Bbs box cover sleeve

    Hey my box cover was ripped apart by my baby brother and I would be enternaly grateful if somebody could get me a full scale size scan of it so I can replace it so If you could just pm it to me or post it here ( pm would be easier ) again. Thanks to anyone who can help me out CloudStrifeSmile
  4. Petrex

    sora all info please

    SOMEONE HELP ME GET SORA I GOT MICKEY, i think ive completed each mission, but is it in mission mode, story mode, challenge mode, do i have to get all chests, all emblems or what? please private message me or profile visitor message me because i am uncapable of followig these threads :'[...
  5. Petrex

    Favorite mission mode character?

    i play as Riku: for streangth on ground and emerald serenades, etc. Roxas: DW cuz hi sfinisher still kinda kicks ass Marluxia: because when he floats in place its is simply fucking AMAZING Axel: hes good at most part with speed and such Saix: because hes strong ( though his limit is a pain to...
  6. Petrex

    How do you get out of this world?!

    hey HerGuitar and btw your welcome ;] haha but uhm yeah its should be a room like "last resolve" i think but its got a very tall ladder so ittle stand out, its room size should be one star so its small and good luck getting out have fun with Re: Com
  7. Petrex


    all of them zero gear havent really tried larxene not too much of a fan with her attack style and also not xemnas hes kinda a pain.....enybody wanna help me get sora -.- i got "the kings return" but not SORA lol
  8. Petrex

    I'm Surprised

    hey uhm i have no idea what most of these words mean 0.0 haha but if u mean remake the game because kh mobile games suck then yes i wish someone would.
  9. Petrex

    X-Blade pronunciation

    i am greek and i think/ hope i can help out Keyblade: keeburedo ^ HEE-BOO-REDO X-Blade: _focused as greek_ X= Hi (hee) X (hee) blade.... pronounciation is off if u thought about it but see whats going on, how their going to write it? id prefer keyblade or 'keyblade'..
  10. Petrex

    Ansem SoD and Sora's Heartless

    id just like to know why soras heartless was simply a shadow... and Ansem SoD was not (also take into facct that you also played as heartless sora which i do not understand) any ideas??
  11. Petrex

    how can i download kindom hearts font god damnt!

    idk where this goes, does it matter idk sorry tho but where can i get KH font for word and how can i use it!?!?!?!?
  12. Petrex

    mickey and sora gameplay?

    i dont get it 252525252525252
  13. Petrex

    mickey and sora gameplay?

    how can i unlock mickey and sora??? on daYs
  14. Petrex

    This game is not for children anymore

    okay i originally got kh2 cuz it was the only game at the store 3-4 years ago then i mde my dad order kh1 from ebay i never knew about chain of memories tiill re:CoM came out and i finished Days a couple weeks ago due to delay on playing it....so id like to say nomura keeps the game going strong...
  15. Petrex

    Theory for Ansem SoD and Terra

    hahaha! but i ment what happened in vens secret ending i didnt get it...
  16. Petrex

    Theory for Ansem SoD and Terra

    i hate BBS! its a downer the ending sucks and just thinking tht terras heart might be in terranort makes me even sadder that he becomes a heartless and nobody thus losing his heart =[ but i still dont get what happened to ven!?!?!?!?
  17. Petrex

    bbs is a major downer

    ive only seen the intro and terras ending and i already hate BBS i therefore decided not to watch anymore till the game so tell me what do you think? also if you have not see the vids already out DO NOT i repeat DO NOT watch them!lettuce
  18. Petrex

    bbs out already!?!?!?

    hey this site sais that the game is already out to people who have orderred it, so are there already videos up yet or not??
  19. Petrex

    help meee!

    facepalm okay look , i am lost beyond my mind,..how can i download the bbs game?, how can i "hack my psp, and was there really a leak of BBS? raitohahaha so please! tell me all you know! i NEED to KNOW or i will die of complete confusion!
  20. Petrex

    FINALLY! I found a PS2 copy!!! But...is it worth it?

    thanks =] theres more if u wanna see