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    Yuji Naka lays bare Square's terrible business practices

    Mr Yuji Naka (is great!) has just posted a very revealing twitter theread about his time at SE and making Balan Wonderworld. Idk about you guys but I was supremely excited for the Naka x Ohshima partnership and the result was definitely disheartening. I posted a translated twitter thread that...
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    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    Obligatory: A new saga, a new focus, a new hope beginning! To that end, how many of you think the chances of any SE character making it into KH4 are? I know there's plenty of scope for Quadratum being an afterlife type thing to bring in deceased characters (Sora meeting Neku again would be...
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    Politics Hey Americans...

    Sorry about today, I really hope your situation improves sooner rather than later, it's surreal seeing these images come from America of all places
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    And she has said: And I have to say, it's a mood
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    Sports ► The Football Thread

    I'm not certain how receptive KHInsider will be to a sports thread than other sites but nevertheless I thought I may as well try my luck. Anyway, be it Premier league, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Primera Division or Super Lig, and even the dizzying heights of Ligue 1 Paris Saint-German, I'd...
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    Nomura hinting at possible Nintendo game?

    sigh Fuck my life
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    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    I'm very much an outsider as I don't even live in America, but the parallels of the situation are startling to an event I did live through, the London riots, which also started with the death of a black man at the hands of police. However, while I'm sure we have had police brutality cases, we...
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    Why does nobody talk about how 0.2 was better than KH3?

    The title may seem clickbaity and contentious but I think it's totally true. 0.2 had puzzles incorporated in the level design Platforming is better it had dynamic cinematography even in mundane situations which KH3 absolutely doesn't have (compare Mysterious Tower scenes from both games) Kairi...
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    How will KH concepts be represented in future titles?

    How do you guys think KH original concepts like the various hub worlds, dive to the heart, maybe even Darkside (or Twilight Thorn lul) will be represented going forward? Will there be a focus on them or will they be kept to the sidelines until the endgame? Will Disney remain overpowering in the...
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    Dreams and Sleep in the future of KH

    I'm not sure how many of you read my FF characters topic a while back where I discussed how intriguing having Ellone and Namine meet would be, but now I've been struck with an even greater inspiration. At the end of the dlc Fairy Godmother talks to Riku about his dreams and how its her...
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    How can FF Characters be utilised in KH

    I should probably make clear, I do include TWEWY as this, I suppose a better catch all term is SE characters. In my opinion, there's limitless potential for FF characters to appear in KH games, both previous and upcoming. Not only would some characters tie in brilliantly with Disney worlds (I...
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    Worldbuilding in KH3 and KH in General

    I've been working on this particular topic for a few months now, and I would really appreciate being able to share it with all of you and hopefully spark a discussion. This particular topic is something I often like to think about and concerns the whole series and it's worldbuilding in KH. I've...
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    Some EU countries officially have a new release date (26/01/19)

    At least Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany have confirmed a release date of 26th January. Any others?
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    Jesse McCartney is going on tour on June 15th, KH3 voice acting completed?

    I realise that the title sounds out of place but can we take this as solid confirmation that voice recording is completed and not just hearsay from people who dm'ed actors that were most likely under nda's...
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    The Restoration Committee (And Other FF Characters)

    This has been my only worry for KH3, and I feel it's a pretty big one but it's my worry so I would say that We all know that the series has had fewer and fewer links to Final Fantasy over time, which is fine for some games (Days), but not so for others (KH3) In my opinion, Kingdom hearts is...
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    Heya! I've been around KHI for quite some time as a lurker, and felt like it was the best time to make an account here in the run up to KH3, as other forums are kind of....... slow. Hopefully I'll get to know you guys well!