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    There is no reason for me to go on.

    Yes. Just as it says. It has been seven months since I joined KHInsider. Such friends were nice to meet. I loved to LOL with you. It was a good place. Even though, there were annoying moments also. Such as this Samhain bastard and the Xion Hate-Club. These enraged me and the rage will still...
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    Five-Word Story

    Semi-revival of an old game. Alright. Here's the point. We'll tell a story. But each post is supposed to have FIVE words. Not four, not six. FIVE words. For example: # 1 - In the kingdom of Ivalice... #2 - A hot princess named Kairi... And so on. MISSION START...
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    I would like Ultima or Omega Weapon. You? ^^ EDIT - If you didn't like the idea of "a Keyblade being a boss", you didn't get it. Ultima Weapon is also the name of a recurring Final Fantasy boss. http://http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Ultima_Weapon_(Enemy) Have some info on it.
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    Sorry? Well, I'm just doing a small report here. I was just surfing around here, 1 minute ago, and when I looked at "Future of Kingdom Hearts" it said "Future of Kingdom of Hearts". Everyone knows there's no "of" in the series's name. Was the forum hacked or what? But it may just be a...
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    The Ultimecia Fanclub - Time... it will not wait...

    Just couldn't hold it anymore. FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC! Welcome to the Ultimecia Fanclub. Who is she really? Ultimecia (アルティミシア, Arutimishia in Japanese, Artemisia in Italian and German, and Artemisa in Spanish) is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. A powerful Sorceress...
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    ::The Axel HATE-Club::

    WELCOME TO THE AXEL HATE-CLUB! For trying to kill Xion. For being a hypocrite in Chain of Memories. For being Saix's bitch. For forcefully robbing the other Org members of their spotlights. Axel was created solely as a yaoi device in Chain of Memories, only being a double-agent to...
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    Fanfiction ► The Pocket Man

    It was a Saturday afternoon. The sun was almost completely set. Five policemen were dragging a man to the local police station. The man was bleeding from the chest and arms. Many reporters were at the scene. One of the policemen was screaming at the criminal. Policeman #1: I TRUSTED YOU AND...
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    The Recycled Line Game

    A story must be told, and the narrator can say anything, while the characters' lines are limited to lines from the Kingdom Hearts games. Each post can only be made with up to three lines. Next poster will start.
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    ~~The Xemnas Fanclub~~

    WELCOME TO THE XEMNAS FANCLUB! The Superior of the In-Between. The Superior of Organization XIII. (Rhymes.) The Collector of Hearts. Xehanort's Nobody. The Final Boss of Kingdom Hearts II. Reasons to Like Xemnas (by Strawberry) 1. He spells MANSEX. can't argue with that one...
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    Exit... stage left. (AGAIN?)

    BbS problem. Again. But this time it's not because of the Heartless and Nobodies (and Ansem Report 12). It's because of... *sigh* the secret boss. There's been a silght outrage in KHInsider because of BbS's, say, Last Story. They're saying that with Xehanort (Master Xehanort's heart in Terra's...
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    Back, y'all!

    A record. 25 hours out of KHInsider. But it's because it wasn't long to recover from reading Lissar's translation of the trailer. Anyways, I'm back here. Let's see: what happened while I was recovering?
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    The end... for a while.

    I just wanted to say that I'll be leaving the forums for some time. Why? I'll define it in three words: Birth by Sleep. After I read Aqua.'s thread "f*censored* it all hope is gone for a non-spoiled experience!", well... I wish I never read Lissar's translation of the JF2010 trailer. And...
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    Theory - Terra

    Well, this theory is actually related to the Lingering Sentiment, the secret boss of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Terra, in fact, becomes Master Xehanort's apprentice, and the "Terra" seen fighting alongside Aqua and Ven is the Lingering Sentiment, created when Terra succumbed to the darkness...