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    Shotlocks and Ultima Cannon

    I was always wondering: Do projectile shotlocks count on magical strength while rushing shotlocks rely on physical strength? I'm currently playing Critical mode as Terra, and throughout his Proud and Critical playthroughs, I stuck with his Sonic Shadow (and later Photon Charge when obtainable...
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    Short Kingdom Hearts III (Final Mix) Theory

    I believe it's been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will end the Xehanort saga, yet it won't be the end of the Kingdom Hearts series. Currently all KH mysteries revolve around Xehanort or are closely connected to him. I believe by the time Kingdom Hearts III is released and the game's been...
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    "Our Master"

    There have been a few points in Xehanort's Reports where he mentions a master, presumably the Master of both himself and Eraqus. Has there been any other mention of this guy? I don't recall many times when a character is referenced more than once and doesn't have any importance in the KH...
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    Which character are you best with?

    Now that the game's been released and most of us have played with each of the characters, who ended up being your favorite to play as? Was it who you expected? This is not the same question as "Who's your favorite character?" When I first started, I wasn't sure who I would like the most...
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    What level were you when you beat the game?

    Simple question, maybe it can be helpful to those who are trying to beat the game themselves. Ven: Level 29 Terra: Level 29 Aqua: Level 28 Final: Level 28 Difficulty: Proud Very fun, yet pretty challenging. In most KH games, I'm around level 50-7X by the final boss, but these levels make...
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    Help/Support ► Don't think about it.

    Funny problem I have that may or may not affect my interactions with others. It probably makes things awkward without me noticing or I feel extremely awkward even though the others may feel fine, though hindering the interaction. All in all I probably lose my concentration, and as a result...
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    Help/Support ► What do I do?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. This thread can be closed or whatever.
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    My Theories

    Here's a compilation of some small theories I have. Obviously the amount of proof I have for these are limited due to it being centered on BBS and characters from BBS. Now, I know for these first theories, someone who knows nothing about the KH plot will yell "Well how come their Nobodies...
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    Anyone ever heard of this synthpop singer? Strongly associated with Owl City, some fans call Adam Young "The male Lights" or call her "The female Owl City." I just learned about her yesterday, and I instantly liked her music. I'm prepared to buy her album next time I go to the mall. Face Up...
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    Making the game harder

    The purpose of this thread is to give oneself challenges while playing through the game, for those that love the extra levels of difficulty. For KH2, I did challenges such as Level 1 playthrough (still incomplete), no healing challenge, no magic challenge, no limit challenge, no items...
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    Enemy HP

    Please read before voting. Did anyone find enemy HP to be a problem? I know people who have watched vids or played the Japanese version to find HP to be a problem, and I agree with them. The JP version of this game overdid it. However, what about the US version of the game? Having played...
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    A few things I don't quite understand

    Normally I don't ask questions until at least playing through the game a second or third time, but since it's going to be a while before that happens, I'll ask now. 1. Precisely why can't Roxas remember the first week of his entrance to Organization XIII, but can remember things fine on day 7...
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    The 'Challenge Mission' Discussion Thread

    Since many people are beating the game, they're trying out these challenge missions. This can be used as both a discussion and help thread, I suppose. I'm glad these are here, since most of the game was pretty easy (though extremely fun) for me. My current stats are: 164 Tokens 64% Complete...
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    Unlocking the secret reports

    According to a Nomura Interview, there are supposed to be about 58 Secret Reports. However, after completing the game, I only have 16. Any idea what's required to unlock the rest?
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    Weird issue with mouse.

    Lately my mouse has been acting weird. I accidentally spilled some water on it early today, though it was working okay afterwards. A few hours later, I noticed something weird. My first thought was it was running low on battery, so I changed the batteries. That didn't really fix the problem...
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    Face or Body?

    Simple question that can apply to both genders. What do you prefer more, a good looking face or a good looking body to have in your boyfriend/girlfriend? Please keep in mind that I am not implying some HUGE dichotomy. We're not talking hideous face/beautiful body or vice versa. I also know that...
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    Help/Support ► Confusing girl issue

    EDIT: This is a long shitstorm. The last couple of paragraphs are what matter most I guess. I was debating with myself if I should post this or not, but decided to go along with it. This might be long, but please bear with me. I was looking at KHI threads and threads at another forum I go...
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    Xigbar pronounciation

    I really hope this is old news. If not, I really hope someone can prove me wrong. it's about the pronounciation of Xigbar. Originally, I thought Marluxia was the only name that was commonly mispronounced, but I might have been wrong. Personally, I've always pronounced it "Zigbar". I most of...
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    Playable characters in 358/2 Days

    I know it's been confirmed we can play as all Organization members in multiplayer mode, but has there been any confirmation that we can't play as any in single player mode? Whether it be each member once or only one or two others temporarily? I first thought of this when I was rewatching the...
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    Why do you play Kingdom Hearts?

    This applies to Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, Coded, and the Final Mixes. EDIT: Keep in mind, this thread isn't about what made you buy Kingdom Hearts. I believe there's another thread...