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    KH 10th Anniversary

    Maybe, who knows... Just like with Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts will celebrate its 10th Anniversary of its debut in Japan, on 2012. Then during that time, some of the KH games would have a remake or there will be a new KH game.
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    Game Story Order

    What's the order of the story in BbS? (As in, in each world, which characters goes there first, second & last in the story)
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    Last Episode (bbs spoilers)

    So what's the last episode (BbS) anyway? Is it a "fourth scenario"?
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    Switching Scenarios

    How to switch between characters during the game?
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    In KH/COM/II, they have Jiminy's Journal In Days, they have Roxas' Diary & Enemy Reports In BbS, they have this sort of journal/report. Could someone tell about what's in that journal/report? And also a picture would be good.
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    World Map

    Can someone show a picture of the world map?
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    I found these new Famitsu scans from HEARTSTATION, that tells the summary of what we have known from Birth by Sleep in the past months. It seems that there's also an interview in these scans. Could someone also please to translate these scans? Enjoy! P.S. These are the first "batch" of scans...
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    Favorite Styles & D-Links

    One of the unique systems in BbS are the D-Links (which replaces Summons) & Command Styles (acted like the Drive Forms in KH2). Here's the list of Command Styles: TERRA'S: - Fire Blazer - Thunder Bolt - Fatal Mode - Rock Breaker - Blade Charge VENTUS': - Fire Blazer - Thunder Bolt - Speed...
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    It's been nearly 5 months of full information about BbS, and it's just about a couple more weeks until its debut in JPN. So come right to the point... Are you anticipated to this epic KH title? Do you think this game could be better than the previous installments? What features (e.g. Worlds...
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    BbS.... in 5 weeks!!!

    My very first thread! By next Monday on the 07/12/09, it's just only 5 weeks left until the release of BbS. So what are you guys expecting from magazines or announcements about BbS in the next 5 weeks? Well for me, I expect: - 3 more worlds (to have a total of 13 worlds just like kh1...