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  1. Knehcs

    The "Real" Villain of Kingdom Hearts

    This is unlikely and far-fetched but still an interesting observation I've come to find. Each numbered title, including Birth by Sleep (which has been compared to a numbered title as Kingdom Hearts 0 numerous times), changed or introduced the overarching villain of the entire series. Will...
  2. Knehcs

    Leaving End of the World after Chernabog before Final Rest.

    Is this possible? I'm well aware of the need to farm Mythril before accessing Final Rest, but I would like to know if there's any way for me to save/leave the world? I can't travel back from the Chernabog area to the World Terminus at the moment. :\ If not, I'll just grind out as much...
  3. Knehcs

    Command suggestions against mobs for grinding.

    I'm looking for some commands/combinations against mobs for grinding as both Sora and Riku. Any ideas? Clues on where to obtain said commands are also greatly appreciated.
  4. Knehcs

    Approximate Playthrough Times

    I'm going to start out by begging that you pleeease not post any spoilers in this thread. I realize this is the spoiler forum, but I'm specifically looking for those with experience playing/completing the game to answer a few questions. Roughly how long does the game take to complete at an...
  5. Knehcs

    About to begin Lv 1 Critical Playthrough on KH2FM. Any tips or suggestions?

    I finally managed to defeat the Lingering Will early this morning at level 99 with many stat boosts applied. The only thing left for me to do to 100% the Journal is the Hades Paradox Cup, but I think I can handle it if I've managed all Data Replicas, the Mushroom XIII, and the Lingering Will...
  6. Knehcs


    This is obviously no coincidence. I'm not sure whether the Vanitas Remnant battle at the end of BBS is canon or not, but there must be some of significance related to the markings on both of the helmets seen here. It's unlikely that this the shot here of Ventus' armor a glimpse at another...
  7. Knehcs

    Fun with Symbols Wallpaper

    I like dark and simple. Maybe someone else here does, too. http://i.imgur.com/OZ5n3.png The four larger symbols represent the enemies in the four numbered (and not so numbered) games; the bottom seven represents the main games in the series in chronological order; the heart in the background...