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    Item Shopping

    I'm in the market for the big guys, so if any of you can buy a Light and Twilght Oblivion and Oathkeeper, Dark Sword of Ansem and Neo Claws, PM me or post your prices here.
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    Light Oblivion & Oathkeeper

    Can someone please buy me one and i will pay 750k for it (or wot u want).
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    Squall vs Tidus

    i wanna see wot u all say here:D
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    Cloud vs Leon

    who do u think would win
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    One Word Game

    in this game, all u do is add one word...pretty simple? but wot u hav to do is try and make a story. The start will be "once upon a time, there was a" and ill say that. then i could say hippo, the next poster could say called, and the next poster could say Sora. if u dont understand then u'll...
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    Where would u live?

    if u could live on any KH world, wot would it be? id live in Halloween Town
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    Favourite Poll

    wot do u think?
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    Any Disney Character

    If u could hav any to Disney characters helping u besides Donald and Goofy, who would they be?:confused:
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    Longest Game

    Wots the most amount of hours u have played on 1 FF file? on X im up to 350 hours, coz i left it on for a whole week coz i didnt hav my memory card. i got up to the 3rd Seymour without dying
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    how many hours

    How many hours (on ur best or longest file) hav u played for? I havent checked but i think im around 200
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    If you were a Heartless, would you be a boss or grunt?

    if u were a heartless, which one would u be (boss or normal)? id be a invisible (dark muscly thing with sword) or a wyvern (maroony bird)
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    Your Favorite ► Favourite Instrument

    I play the Drums so thats mine but what about you guys?
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    Your Favorite ► Favourite Sport

    Mines soccer...whats yours?
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    Destiny Islands

    Lets dedicate this thread to DI. anything ges here. Q&A for all! how much experience did u get of wakka in 1 fight? i dont know exactly but i got 5 levels from 1 battle
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    What does donald mean?

    I did this post on the old forum and it made alot of ppl get angry so i thought it mite be fun to start it again in Disney Castle, Donald says "Daisy, can you take care of the..." when he is interrupted. Who knows wat he was gonna ask
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    Fifa 2005

    who has it! who luvs it! who hates it! i got it a couple of weeks ago and hav rangers
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    fav accessories...SHARE!!! i cant remember the names so enlighten me
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    who lives near me?

    anyone live on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia? I wanna see if there any fans around me
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    Destiny Islant Department

    What lvl. did u leave Destiny Islands on? I left on level 22. lots of trainin...i wanna leave on lvl 40 1 day
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    Choose your magic

    I havent seem any polls so ill make one i hope i didnt miss any aswell