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    Question about Zexion

    Can someone give me some background on this guy? its been a while since i beat kh:com. i believe people have been saying things about him being in the next game. or something like that. i also had a theory that Zexion was the guy in the new scan the one with the blue eyes u know but the new guy...
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    Ahhh Help Me!! ! Please! I Need To Find Something For The Ultimate Weapon!!

    ok. i need a mythril crystal, but i hear u need to sync. a mythril gem....BUT I CANT SYNC THAT! i dont even have a mythril anything to sync. in the moogle thing
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    HAHA FOUND A GLITCH IN KH2! ..but only the jap version

    well, kh2 jap version. my friend was playing it and someone called for him while he was doing a song in atlantica and he paused. then about 5 seconds later he is talking to his friend and un-pauses the game. now, after he does that, hahaha, the voices and the background music become OFF TIME...
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    ok im new. but this is over due.

    Ok im new. but i havent interdouced my self yet. I'm Inuyashakagome13. Ive been a member here for not 2 long. i just didnt notice this section for new members. ^_^ sry. well ive beaten kh2 (jap version) um..i dont have the USA version yet but :P jap version is better then the usa version anyway :-D
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    KH2 is good. ...but only the jap. version.

    Ok, my friend got kh2. (a dude from cali) and ...the voices ARENT in SYNC with the audio and the voices of the main boss at the end is CRAPOLA and the org member voices are ok. Ansems voice is crap for sure. the dialoge at the end is like lets see.."Eternal" "you are the source of all heartless"...