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    Twilight Gems...anywhere but Assassins?!

    No, only Assassins drop Twilight Gems (12% chance). You'll just have to be patient! ^_^
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    Homigawd Kh2 Review Is On!

    Adam and Morgan were suprisingly lenient on KH2, not on the rating, but just on their comments. I expected the 4/5, but I also expected them to make fun of several parts of the game, which is what they usually do.
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    X-Play's KH2 review coming soon.

    Thanks for the news, I've been looking forward to their review for a while. Hmmm...I wonder what snide comments Adam and Morgan will have to make about KH2. I bet they'll make fun of Sora crying all the time. ;)
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    Fortune Tellers reaction

    Do you mean how do you find them so you can get their reaction command into Jiminy's Journal? If you do, they can be found in Agrabah, the Cerberus Cup, Cerberus Paradox Cup, and Hades Paradox Cup. Other than that, I don't know what you mean.
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    this may sound stupid

    EDIT: Sorry, didn't mean to post twice.
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    this may sound stupid

    Hikari-KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental version. You can download it here: http://www.bluelaguna.net/music/kh1/mp3s.php
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    Cid and Aerith voices

    I don't know what they sound like in AC, but my copy is pre-ordered so I'll find out soon. As for KH2, they were crap. Aerith's sounded too high-pitched, whiny, and had no emotion (when KH came out and I found out Mandy Moore was doing Aerith's voice, I thought it would be terrible, but it was...
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    Custom KH2 Keyblades and Missing Ones

    It wasn't in a Nomura interview; in fact it was never even confirmed. Some Japanese magazine said it would be in KH2, but they had no proof. And yeah, Nomura said there wouldn't be a KH2:Final Mix because there weren't enough differences between the Japanese and American version.
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    Torn Pages

    There are 5: -Disney Castle, Library -Pride Lands, Oasis -Hollow Bastion - Crystal Fissure -Land of Dragons, Throne Room -Agrabah, Tower
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    I bought the LE strategy guide, but I didn't use it the first time. Using a guide on the first play-through of a game just takes all the fun out of it for me. Now I'm starting a Proud Mode file and I'll probably use the guide for some of the extra stuff like Sephiroth, mini-games, etc.
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    is there a better drop rate

    Nope, that's the best possible setup. And to answer your other question, the Lucky Lucky ability increases item drop rates by 1.3.
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    need help finding one thing!

    Search filefront.com. I know they have at least the opening, intro, and secret ending there.
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    Need help finding a few things

    Lucid Stone Graveyard, Toy Soldier, Wight Knight (all Halloween Town) Twilight Stone Dancer (Hollow Bastion, Twilight Town, The World That Never Was)
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    Favorite musical anyone???

    Definitely Under the Sea. Most of the other songs were made only for the game, and they were a bit...lacking. Swim this Way got stuck in my head so bad, it was really annoying. I really like the Japanese version of Under the Sea, though. I think it's Sora's Japanese voice. (On X-Play they...
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    http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=50999 ^See thread
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    The second employment board?

    For the game to count that you have played the mini-game, you first have to go to the job board and sign up for it.
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    Bright Gem

    Equip as many items as you can that have "Lucky Lucky" and get the "Lucky Lucky" ability and equip it.
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    please help!

    Actually, drive forms are almost essential in The World that Never Was. Just use Final Form because it is impossible to turn into Anti-Form when you use it.
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    Magic Elements

    Fire - Defend the gate in Hollow Bastion Fira - Defeat Scar (Pride Lands) Firaga - Defeat Genie Jafar Blizzard - Merlin's House Blizzara - Defeat Demyx (Hollow Bastion) Blizzaga - Complete Atlantica Thunder - Defeat the Hydra (Olympus Coliseum) Thundara - Defeat Storm Rider (Land of Dragons)...
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    I know that in the next week or so, several people are leaving the forums so that KH2 isn't spoiled for them, like me. This is a thread for those people to say goodbye to everyone else at the forums. So...goodbye! I'll be leaving in the next few days, before Jump Festa, and be back after KH2...