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    post quizes that u have taken online that u like so others can take them http://www.crush007.com/love.cgi?id=1122919363rmw [WARNING: Quiz will ask for personal details. Also, it will use your e-mail and junk, which will all be sent to a random kid] ~_~ --MF
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    Post Your Desktop!! [56K Warning]

    its easy CHARLIE AND CLAIRE!!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/lilballerxz92/mydesktop.jpg
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    Jak 4: The Dark Makers Legacy (my concept)

    Intro a world in peril.... a mysterious stranger....and the shocking proof to who the Darkmakers really are basicly this game is based off the dark makers revenge against earth and thier quest for more power thefirst dark makers are the 4 researchers talked about in the first post they were...
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    How many org members die???

    plz tell me im working on a theorie in both reverse rebirth and the normal game thanx in advance ^_^
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    Chocolate Is Better In Color

    o god that comercile is funny lol to see comercile go here http://us.mms.com/us/fungames/tv/play_mov.jsp?movieid=Nothing_Rhymes_w_Orange_30_300k lol
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    Magazine will not show new info

    as said on www.kh2.co.uk : "Its now been confirmed that this issue only shown old information and pictures, the April 22nd date was only for renewal to the magazines subscription. Oh well!" man that sucks ass...............
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    This is funny come look

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    Funny Quotes

    post funny quotes that u may have heard on tv or anywhere heres 1 from teen titans XP raven:and u and the curtains had some sort of argument starfire:yes um today is um glorb glorp, the Tameranian festival of burading drapery. Stupid curtains!! *lazer eyes the curtains* raven: Aleins...
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    The War of Races

    long ago this battle for control comensed and ended with utter chaos. the two main races, the Humans and the demons, had almost brought the death of everyone until some powerful warriors rose up and defeated the demons. and now 5000 years later the battle has comensed yet again but unknown to...
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    Kingdom Hearts:Road to Twilight

    Axel:wat r we going to do!!!! we need more members!!!!!! Larxene: wat am i soposed to do ur the one who wants to overthrow the orginization!!!!!! Axel: if we want this plan to work we're going to need backup and ur soposed to find this backup!!!!!!!!! We need some1 NOW!!!!! *a dark shadow...