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    Cast of Birth by Sleep

    If it hasn't already been posted somewhere, I was wondering if someone could post the entire official cast list from the game since it has leaked. All main characters and Disney characters if possible. I would really appreciate it :)
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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    Joystiq has revealed some of the VAs for Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep coming stateside September 7 -- Joystiq "Update: A press release accompanying this announcement just arrived in our inbox, revealing a handful of the game's auspicious cast of voice actors: Mark Hamill...
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    Eddie Carroll, voice of Jiminy Cricket passes away

    RIP Eddie Carroll, 1933-2010 Voice Actors in the News From Voice Actors in the news: The International Jack Benny Fan Club is reporting that Eddie Carroll, voice of iconic Disney character Jiminy Cricket since 1973, has passed away at the age of 76. Carroll assumed the role after the death...
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    Toy Fair 2010

    Ok not sure if this is where this goes or if this is has already been reported so... At this year New York Toy Fair, Square Enix showed off a Play Arts figure of Jack Skellington with Zero. Aso seen was the new King Mickey and Christmas Town Sora. Thoughts?
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    BBS Site Update

    I'm sorry if there is already a thread about this but the BBS site updated again. It has the three different commercials, system videos, and info on Mirage Arena. Again, sorry if there is a thread for this. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep
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    New 358/2 Translations

    -Heartstation.org has the rest of the Famitsu article from last month translated (One of the pages had Marluxia on it). -Also, the June issue of Dengeki DS&Wii will have some info on 358/2 days. -A Japanese blog says we will receive inforation on Saix next week along with the King, Belle, and...
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    358/2 JP Site Updated

    Character profiles on Lexaeus and Larxene Download section updated with two new desktop wallpapers Events 18 (Olympus Coliseum), 19 (Wonderland), and 20 (Neverland) added And finally some new videos in the System area ????? ??? - 358/2 Days -
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    Possible Japanese box art for 358/2?

    KH Ultimania has a news story saying that on the Yahoo Shopping Japan site, they have what may be the japanese box art for 358/2. Kingdom Hearts Ultimania - KH Re:Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days & Birth By Sleep NDS ¥­¥ó¥°¥À¥à¥Ï¡¼¥Ä 358/2 Days ñÉÊ¡Ê£µ·î£³£°ÆüÅöŹÆþ²Ùʬ¡Ë¡¡¤¢¤ß¤¢¤ß -...
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    Release Date News for 358/2

    I first saw this on KH Ultimania which is reporting a story on QJ Squeenix Buzzkill: Dissidia, KH 358/2 launch date is FAKE - PS3 News, Wii News, Xbox 360 News, PSP News and more! A Square-Enix representative has comment on recent reports that Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS...
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    NA VAs for 358/2 Days

    First off, if this is already know and/or been reported somewhere else, I deeply apologize. So, the IMDb has a list of voice actors for the NA version of 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (2008) (VG) I'm not sure if this is right or not as it does not mention Zexion's VA who has...
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    Re: Chain of Memories Ad in PlayStation The Official Magazine

    Re: Chain of Memories Ad in PlayStation The Official Magazine I just got my Holiday 2008 PlayStation The Offcial Magazine in the mail today and it had a very cool looking Re: Chain of Memories ad in it. But I am unable to scan it onto the computer. If someone can and would maybe post it, that...
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    Pre Order Bonus with Re: Chain of Memories from GameStop

    According to GameStop.com if you pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories from GameStop, you will recieve limited edition character art cards when the game is released on December 2nd. Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Playstation 2
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    Halloween Town Sora, KH1 Cloud, and KH1 Sephiroth Play Arts Ad

    first off, I didn't know where to post this at but I thought it was worth mentioning... This is an advirtisment for the Halloween Town Sora, KH1 Cloud, and KH1 Sephiroth Play Arts They are schedule for release in Japan March 2009
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    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    Here are a couple of screenshots found on Amazon.com and Gamestop.com that are in English from Re: Chain of Memories. Sorry they are nothing special...
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Article in Nintendo Power

    Though nothing new was revealed, Nintendo Power Magazine had a small article on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days from the private party Square Enix had. "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is currently scheduled for a winter release in Japan, but the title has not been officially announced for the US."
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    KH Re: Chain of Memories on Amazon.com...sort of

    Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts Re-COM PS2: Video Games I know there is no new information on this page, but I thought it was worth posting anyway. Sorry if everyone already knows this but I just found this browsing Amazon.com Edit: 12:39pm -- The page is no longer on Amazon but it was there...