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    New Chiken Little Scan

    I found in www.khmaniacs.com a pic of Chicken Little in the summing process. I believe this scan is part of the new ones that have appear.
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    New Scans - Yellow Drive and More

    New scans, thanx to http://www.sorasdomain.net/. It confirms the Yellow Drive form, FFVIII and FFIX characters, and a new org member. http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/1953/scan40a5ml.jpg http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/8639/scan40b3bp.jpg...
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    New KH2 World? Tron?

    The japanese website FF12Expo, have been tellin about that have been realese a new world in KH2, based in the film Tron, which Sora and Co are goin to be dressed in some kind of cybernetic suit, and will fight the commander Saaku. The site also say that Yuffie and Cid are goin to rebuild Hollow...
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    KH2 Demo in the next issue of D-PS2

    Source http://www.kh-2.net/: and dsxgate of Gamefaqs A KH2 Demo will be realese in the next issue of the D-PS2 Magazine. This issue will be realese in november 19. Here is the compleat list of demos that will contain this issue: [1] Soul Calibur 3 [2] Tales of Abyss [3] Kingdom Hearts 2 [4]...
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    Lion King World Officially In KH2 ( Scan )

    Whit this i think a lot of people is gonna be happy. Searchin i found the New V-Jump Scan, and what it includes? LION KING WORLD. Here is the scan: http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/2656/imagen14cv.jpg Donald http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/9000/imagen20dx.jpg Sora...
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    Disney KH2 Site Updated

    The KH2 Disney site have been updated with the Atlantica World. This updated include the following two pictures: Ariel loosin his voice Goofy and Flounder dancin
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    KH2 images from Official Site!!!!

    Ok, i get the images from the KH2 S-E official site. If you are gonna use them, please credit me, cuz it took me a while to have them all. I include here all the images of Atlantica, and i include other pictures from Port Royal, Agrabah, Timeless River, Beast Castle that were in bad quality, and...
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    Zidane and Vivi ( FF9 ) in KH2?

    KHU have found ah really bad quality scan from the next week's Weekly Jump where it shows Zidane and Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 next to the KH2 logo. This could be what Nomura have been talkin about, havin characters from other FF where he dont have anything to do. This no confirm that they are...
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    Better Quality Pictures of V-Jump

    Here are 4 better quality pictures of Pooh, Ruxodo, Atlantica: It seems that theres a mini game in Atlantica, where is some kind of dancin or something. It seems we should arrive to some destination. http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/8256/poohsorapiglet2na.jpg Pooh, Piglet and Sora...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Realese confirmed ( For Japan )

    Yes people. Square Enix confirm at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 conference, the realese date for KH2 for japan. It is December 22 2005. Here is the quoute from KHU: Hot off the presses Kingdom Hearts 2 has been confirmed for December 22 of this year!(in Japan) What does this mean for the North...
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    Demix, Xaldin and BHK friends artwork!

    Searchin in the internet, i found i picture of the artwork of Demix, Xaldin and the BHK friends. I am sure that nobody have post this so, enjoy it:
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    New Nomura Interview!

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    Exclusive Pictures from the Trailer!!!!

    Ok people, for all of those that have not seen the trailer of the E3 that appears Mickey and all that stuff ( i havent see it too ), becouse ansemreport server is down, i have the Exlusive pictures of the scenes. This include Mickey getting out of a train, gummi ship and BHK attackin Diz whit...