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    My theory that i dreamed about

    o.O this may seem pretty weird but I had a dream last night concerning Ven, Sora and Roxas. I repeat this may be weird cause it was a dream but here it goes: Terra had a half brother that his parents gave away when his brother was a baby. Terra was upset by this and wanted to see his little...
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    My dream....

    I know this is proberbly the wrong section and people have been havin a lot of dreams lately and I had one last night and here it goes: Sora, Kairi, Riku and donald and Goofy had gone to Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion and Kairi gets to meet her grandma again and then she finds out that Aqua is...
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    Terra and Axel?

    I know the name aint the same u know Anagrams but they do look alot alike! hair eye shape and face shape! so their could be a connection! what u think?
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    Who would u want

    Who would you want in KH if Square did all with these other games/shows/Animes eg. Tecmo and Namco and what game or Anime or show would u want seen? eg. Elfen lied, Project zero/Fatal frame, Naruto, Bleach.
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    the Elfen lied fanclub

    This fanclub is dedicated to the hit manga and tv series Elfen lied! if u don't know its about a 18 year old Diclonius called Lucy. but when she breaks out her prison Lucy ends up losing her memory. this is where we meet 2 of our other heroes Kouta and his cousin Yuka when they find Lucy...
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    The Mio Amakura fanclub

    This fanclub is dedicated to one of the scariest video games of all times .....Mio Amakura from Frame/Project zero II: the crimson butterfly. This fanclub is for all those who love frame/Project zero series. and of caurse Mio.
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    The Sylar fanclub

    This fanclub is for the greatest bad guy of all times (heroes) Gabriel Grey AKA Sylar! this club is welcome for all those who like Sylar. Members: Kairiangel gottaluvkh1992 axls_mum
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    Kairi singing

    Who would like to hear Kairi sing in future KH games because Hayden can sing! look: YouTube - Hayden Panettiere - I Still Believe (full Video) see I think she should don't you?
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    The Yuna fanclub

    Hi this fanclub is dedicated to our beloved High Summoner, Yuna:wub:. you are all welcome to join! Rules: You can join if u like Yuna No comments or saying stupid things like "shes gay" thats all there is to it! members: Kairiangel gottaluvkh1992 keybearer Endless Flames...
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    which ff chara would u be?

    This might have been done but I just want to know who u would want to be!
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    who would u be

    I KNOW THIS HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE! but I'm giving more of a choice:thumbup:. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Axel, Xemnas, Namine or someone else.
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    This is my first thread and I'm sorry if this has been done before but...why can't we make our own bloopers:thumbup:! heres mine: Seifer: Isn't this romantic?! Sora: ewwww thats just gay! Seifer: WHAT?! Seifer hits Sora around the head Sora: OW!