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    hes so hot! and hes really talented. hes kinda like BoA. he speaks korean, mandarin, japanese and english. hes kinda like chris brown . except chris brown is ugly(no offense). hes releasing an album in the u.s. in 2007. i can't wait! anyone else love him?
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    Why were you dissapointed?

    alot of ppl were saying that they were dissapointed by kh2. i would like to know why, because i thought it was awesome.
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    Hikari PlantiB remix

    does anyone know where i can download this song? i had it on mp3 player then i accidently deleted it & now im angry.
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    Justin Timberlake

    do u guys like his new song? i like it. its kool.
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    It would be kool if.................

    sora, riku & kairi were disney characters. :thumbsup:
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    The *I wish* thread

    idk know if this has been done b4. but if it has it can be deleted. this is thread of you what have liked to see in KH2. I wish if we saw more of riku..................
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    The Sims2

    does anyone have this game, the eps & still play it............ and do u have a sim page?
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    Final Fantasy 7: AC

    i always cry at the end of this movie because it is soo happy....... i love this movie!
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    Mixed people

    well i remember when i was younger this idiot girl asked why am i a different color than my mom & dad.... i was remembering it now i am sad. mixed people are always left out. and if ur mixed you know what i mean.
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    The Ultimate Battles

    personally i got a few battles that would be awesome, it would be kool if they were in KH3. or w/e Kadaj vs. Sora Aerith vs. Tifa Cloud vs. Squall Yuffie vs. Cloud (HAHA) Riku vs. Vincent Riku vs. Sephiroth Cloud vs. Sora Tifa vs. Yuffie Mickey vs. Sora
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    do your parents play it?

    well my dad doesnt play video games... i wish he did. but he was watching me play kingdom hearts 2, and it was the part where roxas has to do those fights against hayner, setzer seifer etc... it was funny because he kept asking me questions... neway.. does you guys parents play?
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    when i was fighting riku when he had ansem inside of him. i coulda swore he said something bad...
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    where is the keyhole you have to seal in neverland?
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    What do u expect in KH3?

    i hope kh3 has a good story like kh1. kh2's story wasnt all that great. id have to say the kh1 story was wayyyyy more interesting. And what disney movies do u think should be in kh3? what worlds would u like to see in kh3 that was in kh1?? post ur thoughts. ;)