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    Trophy Scars

    Holy shit fuck these guys are good. Have yet to find anything that sounds like them. Jerry Jones, Lead singer is a lyrical genius. Their music (Like most bands) has progressed throughout their albums. Alphabet Alphabets is quite possiblty the greatest album ever written in my eyes, however you...
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    Brand New

    Anyone listen to them? They're actually amazing, I'm probably seeing them live the 13th of December again, anyone listen to them?
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    Left 4 Dead

    This game looks HxC EPIC. Valve makes it, which is good to know. It's basically an online Zombie Vs Humans deathmatch. You can choose different types of zombies, some break through walls, other climb walls, super fast etc... Humans get weapons obviously with a few other twists. So far the...
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    That Dam n Song >:

    Uh That rogers commerical with the fish everywhere and it's like "ALL I WANNNA DOOOOOOO" "IS TALK TO YOU" Yeah that one. whats it called :3 EDIT: It's telus but yeah
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    Mouserz trap D=

    Rofl, extremely LQ, I have a mouse in my house and thats my trap to catch it.
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    Qi, Also known as Chi

    .Qi, also commonly spelled ch'i or ki , is a fundamental concept of traditional Chinese culture. Qi is believed to be part of every living thing that exists, as a kind of “life force” or “spiritual energy.” Just a quick explanation for those who don't know what it is ^ Now, I read somewhere...
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    itt we discuss wigglytuffs

    YouTube - Catching Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue versions gogogo
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    ITT we discuss Hypocrisy

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    Official Resident Evil Thread

    Okay so basically talk about any resident evil title, Your favourite one, favourite boss etc Discuss
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    I Bought FM+ Without ordering online

    yeah, it's true...I got fm+ get pictures up later... Live in the GTA Or near it in ontario? Pacific mall is where I bought it, some asian mall with lots of illegal stuff in it, bought it for 20$, it's a burnt version and works fine with swap magic, ktrue
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    The Puck Hateclub!

    Some threads by puck http://forums.khinsider.com/square-enix/67969-compilation-character-screw-up.html http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/79021-i-must-confess-im-disappointed-fm.html That's right KHI, I made a puck hate club. Puck is a KHI member who thinks that his...
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    Emo/Scene The new Hippie's?

    Last night I had an odd thought, back in the 70/80's, being a hippie was the "style. Wearing vibrant colours long hair, smoking tree...(not that it makes you a hippie) weird necklaces etc.. So Emo/Scene is becoming more and more popular as a social style...Tight pants, band tee's,small...
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    Capcom? Try Crapcom

    Yeah, I'm pissed...after 7 years of capcom being my favourite gaming company I'm finally having second thoughts. You see, I recently purchased Resi Evil Outbreak File:2. I am aware that it is a older game but I bought it to play online with my friend. Turns out, They canceled there online server...
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    I haven't been on all weekend and...

    It seems lots of new people have new user titles, many promotions over the weekend? Can anyone make me a list of what each colour does, and who got them?
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    !!!! Happy Birthday Digital Gopher

    Yes Happy 18th Birthday, Have a good one God I hope it's his birthday, if not I'm going to be so embarrassed lmao. P.S Your Legal D: haha
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    Help with .iso

    Hmm, not sure but my brother broke my God of war and i'm not buying it again...anyways ignore that fact...I know i'm supposed to burn an .iso file onto a c-d...but there's more than one file...how do I make these files Play on my ps2?
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    The old man is NOT bald, I think =/

    Now, I looked at the old man zoomed in, and the back of his hair (and a bit of the top) looked different, So I grabbed the eye dropper and the back and a tiny bit of the top of his head is more yellow then the rest of his head, the rest of his head match's his skin, at the back and top are...
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    Something that has been bothering me in the secret ending

    Well I'm watching the secret ending over and over again after seeing the scans and there's a couple things that are bothering me -An Opaque Replica of TES comes out then goes back in, His nobody perhaps? (They got re-united like Sora and Roxas) -TES Is actually standing on the metal objects...
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    FM+ Secret ansem reports

    Think they will give you new ansem reports? Maybe after you beat TES? If so, when people get them POST!
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    ITT We discuss home video's on youtube

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jt0oCNAqg0 :3