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    Hello all, Im a cosplayer and i have a convention in 30 days and i realy need the oathkeeper and oblivion. Im Roxas ( i have his cosplay as in cloths). Anyone know where i can get these 2 keyblades appart from ebay?
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    Australian Anime Fest / Cosplay

    hey all, i was wondering if anyone knew about an animefest/ cosplay in australia (NSW). i realy wana go to one and if anyone knows any info plz post it here thx all
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    Xenmas = one of the....

    when u look back at the final battle in kh2, did anyone relise that when u vs xenmas on the ship with riku, he is in knight armour. this is just like the knights in kh3. is there any relationship? kingdom hearts 3 theory: long ago therewas a huge keyblade war. all the keyblade chosen ones...
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    "Dont call me Squall"

    in kh1 leon didnt like to be called squall. he never said why. dose anyone know? its not like he was a criminal or anything.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 mistakes

    Plz post all the kingdom hearts 2 mistakes that u have relised! im kingdom hearts 2 i descoverd a few mistakes but im not sure if its just me. when sora was in hollow bastion and he needed the pasword for Tron. it was the princess. now that pasword was writen lyk 20 years ago by ansm's...
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    kingdom hearts 3 theories

    kingdom hearts 3 theories i wana know what your theoriese are about kingdom hearts 3. iv got a few ideas but if u all post urs ill make some sorta super theorie thx all
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    Your Favorite 3 Anime series

    hey all i wana buy a good anime series but i think of much! id u could put in your top 3 that would be great! thx
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 deleted scenes

    did anyone relise the missing scenes in kingdom hearts 2? in some trailers, there were scenes that wernt shown in the game. e.g. the part where sora is in hollow bastion. theres an unknown on a platform higher than sora is. Sora goofy and donald fight a couple of heartless and u see sora jumping...
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    what do u think of kh2? (if u just got it)

    i just want to remind everyone not to spoil kh2 with what u think of kh2. i just want to know what u think of kh2. i found the start a BIT boring. but as u continue through the game it gets alot better. i havent finished the game yet :( but i got 2 days of skool yay! i realy lyk the battle...
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    Finaly After 5 Years!

    OMG i just rang eb ans they said thatKH2 will defenetly come out 2morow morning! they said "we have it in stock but they cant sell it till tomorow". HOW GOOD IS THAT IM SO exited *rolls around room* anyways im doin a countdown! it ends at 12:00 clock tonight! i want everyone to post anything on...
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    Fanfiction ► can someone here make me a cool pic?

    this is the first time on the fan fic and i know some of my friends get there pictures edited with photoshop or somthing. i was wondering if someone could do that for me ^_^ the pics i wanted edited are the 2 underneeth plz msg me if u wana do it for me thx heaps!
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    Its Nearly Hear!!!!

    zomnigosh KH2 is nearly hear! plz answer these questions: - what are you doin on thursday? - what have u been doin the last three days? - when are u going to get the game? On thursday i am not going to school and my mum will drop me up to the EB frst thing in the morning. then ill go to school...
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    Best Final Fantasy

    What do u guys think is the best Final Fantasy out of them all and why? I think Final Fantasy 8 was the best! it had the best characters, love story and i realy like the movie where squall saves rinona b4 she gets sealed permanitly
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    princess mononoke

    i saw this movie today and i have to say that it was te best anime iv ever seen! i dl the english version of limewire and the anime takes a missive 2 hours and 15 minutes. i recomend that u all see it for alll those anime lovers
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    I BET u Didnt know this! kh2

    in another side another story u can see a faint piture of kairi on the big tower http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynrSUr2tI8w i made a music video where u can see kairi on it make sure u pause the video between 1:40- 1:41 there u will see kairi
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    Australian and Europeans

    How much have u sufferd from waiting till kingdom hearts 2 comes out? for me i have: - spoiled huge ammounts of kingdom hearts 2 and mostly the ending - played kingdom hearts 1 and finished it twice - played COM and finished that again(like 100 times) - made 5 kingdom hearts movies - makeing a...
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    funny or afensive?

    i found this video on youtube but i dont know if its funny of adfensive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAO0cZShAk0&search=kingdom%20hearts%20spoof
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    What would u do if heartless were surounding u and u had a keyblade?

    What would u do if heartless were surounding u and u had a keyblade? Then u heard a voice and the voice said " the dors have repoened ".
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    10/10 kingdom hearts video no spoilers

    10/10 Must see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMIQUhI8P6s hey all i hav made heaps of videos over these school holidays and i want all of you to see them and rate them. thaey all hav no spoilers scince kh2 hasnt come out in aystralia yet:(. full metal alchemist...
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    THIS IS SO FUNNY! kingdom hearts the true story

    all must see this! its so funny! hehe http://www.youtube.com./watch?v=Ywh7iyshkCk&search=kingdom%20hearts for the second one http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/292553