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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    I like Rikus voice if u have watched that one lol Quote from David riku's VA voice:"Riku is a sexy guy and all the gamergirls will love him" *kisses riku's feet* On the other hand Aerith and Tifa's VA's dont match Tifa's VA is way to Dark and Aerith's VA is way too squeeky:( it dont match...
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    resevering kh2

    im going too when i get the money im also going to reserve FF7AC ^_^
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    there like sephys...but i dont care cause he is sexy in KHII im sorry but i have too post this*drools*
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    Aerith in KHII?!

    people say that these pictures are in KHII...aerith wears white..so prettyful huh so what do u think?? forgive me if this thread was made already http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b311/vegetasora/more.jpg most people in the other forums think it is Namine..i hope it is our aerith :(...
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    ALOT of new information (Unconfirmed..maybe)

    ah! Xaldin my dear friend thanx for the unconfrimed information lol....u are always good at finding stuff lol:D
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    Introduction to KHII and KHII added to S.E Calender

    thats cool...so KHII will realse on the 22nd of december in japan im right am i...so no info on the USA date man that sucks
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    Kairi in the 13th Order

    yes that is a fake lol u can tell IGN did that one lol yes it kinda does make u wonder huh:confused: ...that means they could have been lying all along about other games too but u never know
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    Tron confirmed

    oh so cool i was hopeing the rumor was true...many thanx dude:D
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    Sora TRON Pictures

    those are cool even though they are fake probobly:rolleyes: hope they are real
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    Coolest World Ever

    that would be neat id love.....that sora doing trick lol
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    im new here the name is summoner_skylar but u could call me skylar;) i am 15 live in USA and im a HUGE cloud fangirl!!!