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    Mysterious Countdown (Kingdom Hearts 2.5, or something else?)

    Posting it in KH3, but move if needed. Saw it wasn't posted here but move if needed. So a few minutes ago, THIS link appeared. Project Destati It's counting down, seems like next month we'll have some news? Is that day KH 1.5 releases in the US? Speculate? Glad to log in and post something...
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    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    I'm 13 firetruckin' years old. I told my mom to stop doing this to me multiple times and she still keeps doing this nearly daily. Now its just creeping me out and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable around her. Basically she has the need to tickle me (and at this point I tell her in a frustrated...
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    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Vol. 2 Opening Mock-Up Well, considering we can nearly and safely assume that BBS Part/Volume 2 will fill in the gaps, I whipped up a mock-up opening cinematic! Enjoy! :)
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    YouTube - The Movie Trailer Parody

    YouTube - YouTube - The Movie (2011) Trailer A trailer parody, combining various viral YouTube videos into one movie.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie Trailer

    YouTube - Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (2011) Trailer I made it in my spare time.
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    Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (Music Video)

    YouTube - Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts - I'll Attack Enjoy...
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    My 911 Anniversary Video

    YouTube - 9/11 9 Year Anniversary 9.11.10 A rather sad video I constructed with tons of footage from the 9/11 attacks.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Mock-Up Trailer

    YouTube - ‪Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Mock-Up Trailer (2010)‬‎ Why yes I did work hard on this :3 Please give feedback! Let the quality process so u can see fine!
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    blitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballs is Sora's Mum

    s1blitzball8s1blitzball5 Now u ballblitz
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    Ven's Creeping In Aqua's Soul (AMV)

    Yes, Another AMV I crafted. I think this one is better than my other one, but hey its all about opinions. I worked reeeeaaaaallllly hard on this, so please enjoy! YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Creeping In My Soul If ya want to... SUBCRIBE!
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    Was Ven the one talking to Sora in KH1.

    Well today in school, I was reading my KH Manga/Book and I just realized something... Ven's heart is in Sora's. So in KH1 the voice Sora was hearing was Ven? Also, when Sora was falling into the darkness he said it feels familiar. Was that a reference to Ven's Ending?
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    Microsoft .NET Framework Error

    Okay for the past month I have been trying to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 onto my Windows XP Computer, but whenever it installs it always says "an unexpected error has occured" or some crap like that. I have tried to use the Cleanup tool and downloading other NET Framework versions...
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    Now About Vantias...

    So the secret boss is his Sentiment which appears to be an unversed Vantias plus at the end of the boss he just gets away. So here are my questions that RECONNECT (that's what I call it!) might answer: 1. Will He Return? 2. What does he look like under the helmet NOW? 3. Could he give a...
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    Some Items I can't Synthesize

    I have enough munny, but it won't work! (Trying to create the Ultimate Gear+)ffffuuuraitohahaha
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    Secret Boss?

    Is there a secret boss in this game? omgshDogwutffffuuuabadcharacter
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    What Have You Done - The first Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep AMV since its release! *WATCH NOW!*

    4sN_8vbuLTk If any issues show up, contact me okay? Enjoy and subscribe!sorabasically
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    When Sora realizes he has so many people connected to him and how many lookalikes he has...

    How will he react? Betcha he'll crap his pants, then pee his pants, then puke, then bleed in 19 different places etc. Or he'll just be amazed. Or knowing KH, he'll just panic and pass out.sorabasically
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    Can you Broadcast an already made video Live? (I don't have a Camera)

    abadcharacterBasically I want to broadcast/stream an already made video(s) live to a site, but I don't have a camera. Is there a site or a way to do that?omgsh I need to know!
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    What's the song when Goofy Passes Out?

    Imma gonna make this a short: When everybody thinks Goofy is dead and Mickey says "They'll pay for this!" What song starts up when he says that? I know its also in Days but I can't remember the title, nor find it.
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    A Real Simple Question

    omgsh How do you unlock more icons for your post like I saw the Inverse Kingdom Key, Sora Donald and Goofy Heads, and more stuff but I only have 5 keyblade icons. Someone please clarify this for me?