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    Ok so Nomura confirmed in an interview that Vanitas would look identical to an existing character.Aqua was also confirmed to have a big role in the story. Now,I re-watched the trailer and looked at Vanitas' eye carefully.At first I thought it could be Xion.But no,Nomura wouldn't do that.Then I...
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    Makeing ice cream in BBS and switching scenarios...

    I found this today: Make Ice Cream in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (andriasang.com blog, 12.28.2009) Basically says that you can make ice cream to change your command style without charging it and that you can switch between scenarios without finishing the one you're currently playing.Also...
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    Question about ordering from Play-Asia...

    Ok,so I'm too young to have a credit card and my dad won't pay with his credit card 'cause he thinks every site other than eBay wants to steal your money.So,is there another way to pay? Other than with a CC? Oh,also if my PSP is hacked,will I still be able to play it or will I have to un-hack it?
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    Where can I read more about this?

    Ok so I'm a little behind on this game.I heard about it in 2008 and I was so excited but then I forgot about it because I hate having to be patient for 1 whole year.But now I'm back and I would like to know all of the updates.I already checked the last 2 week famitsu scans and the new...
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    So what do you think about riding keyblades?

    I think it's really awesome and should be better than gummi ships.But what about you guys?
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    Duh hello!

    I found this place through gamefaqs .I was looking for famitsu scans and it lead me here! I gotta say,I can't wait until BbS comes out!! So,hello,I'm Chad,I love Metal,I play guitar,I'm a guy and I'm 14.