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    Erase Me (Ven's Request)

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section, if it isn't I'm sorry. But I was watching the translated RE CoM scenes. and I heard Sora say to namine. and if I'm not mistaken, Ven says to Terra IS it possible he was talking about erasing his memories? Again not sure if there is already a...
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    Fanfiction ► The Final Keyblade War

    OOC: this is my first fan fiction. so be brutal but please no flaming. If people like it i will put up chapter 2. this is chapter 1 the discovery IC:The blonde haired boy woke up that morning knowing that today he and his freinds would explore the cave. They had been planning it for months...
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    how do you getan rpg profile

    will sum1 plz tell me i am begging here
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    Hey Does any1 have a good picture of Terra (Enigmatic Soldier) in his Armour
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    How to find an energy ston on KH2

    How do u Find an energy on Kh2. Its the only thing i need to complete the Ultima Weapon i have every other item in the game its the only one i need so i can get the last orichilum+. (sorry if i spelled anything wrong)