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  1. J

    about passion

    While watching the kh2 intro for bout the 80th time maybe, I was paying careful attention to the singing of passion (no i cannot understand ANY jap). Anyways, when Sora and co. are running up the stairs of Castle Oblivion, I'm pretty sure the song clearly says "My heart's a battleground" in...
  2. J

    Leveling up

    This is related to the Level 5 thread, but in KH2 when sora is like... well, lets use lvl 5. Do you think sora's kh2 lvl 5 will be the same strength as his kh1 lvl 5 was? (how could he have gotten to be that weak again?) Or maybe it will be equivilant to about a level 104 kh1 sora. If that's the...
  3. J

    Disney Castle playable?

    Ok, i saw this on a kh site one day... "There is also a glitch in the game to play In Disney Castle. In the first trailer, we saw a player controlled Sora running around Disney Castle. But unfortunately, it didn't make the final game. But, like the Bahamut Summon, A bit of the programming was...
  4. J

    BHK theory. (Don't Laugh!)

    Ok, here's my theory on how the BHK gets involved with the others. Riku spots the unknown who apparently looks like sora being led by another unknown. Believing that the Organization has captured Sora, He and Mickey travel to Twilight town to rescue him where they run into BHK and discover...
  5. J

    KH2 Summons

    I was just wondering what some of the new summons would be. In KH fairy god mother said that when sora returned all the worlds to normal, that the creatures in the summon gems would return to their respective world. if this is the case, then the only two summons left would be genie and...