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    NEW SCANS! (Now with hi-res translations)

    Re: NEW SCANS! lissar i thank u for the info ( bows Down)
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    BBS NA?

    ahh so true so true :36::36::36::36::36::36::36::36::36::36:
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    Olympus Coliseum...

    zeusas a d-link that would be sweet
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    BBS NA?

    as long as it take to get it right is fine by me
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    NEW SCANS! (Now with hi-res translations)

    Re: NEW SCANS! boohahaha the scan are awsome thx for putting them up
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    BBS NA?

    i want it now but i can want alll i want . it will be aonce fter japan comes out but i still think the date will be release in janury ( i suck at spelling so sue me )
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    Sora in Days?

    i have sora olny need to get gold medel in all missons in nomarl missons
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    want to paly as ven so friking badly it starting to eat at me
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    they both have there stong point but i prefer a more happ chacter but i do think it would be nice if sora had a tiny bit more anger and there both badass:36: