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    Need some experts

    Well, I am not sure if I am allowed to post it here, But oh well, I am buying a vbulletin license, And I am looking for someone who know's alot about HTML, and PHP, I know this stuff but I cannot manage the site alone, I will be partners and we will decide the best domain and everything, If you...
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    Spider-Man 3

    Okii, I know there's a I saw spider man thread but this is different, This is a " what I thought of spider man 3 thread" I thought it was soo boring at first, Until the black suit hehe, Then at the ending which I think is the most rewarding part was remarkable, Green Goblin out of nowhere comes...
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    forum name?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a vbulletin license and I need a good domain name what do you guys think I need a domain for kingdom hearts site- gaming in general- so pick some names such as kh-unlimited.com thats just and example
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    Help please

    Hi. sorry I didnt know where to post this, But you see I have this take home test to do and I suck ass at algebra so if anyof you know the answers to these questions please do help me, I will be grateful we have to turn these integers or w.e into a equation 1. find three consecutive integers...
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    Fresh Meat

    Anyone seen that show? It's fun I love reality show's but this show has a bit of everything, Drama, Action, Suspense and much more lol. It's getting pretty interesting but I think Wes and Casey will win it all at the end what do you guys think?
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    Zinedine Zidane

    I believe we all saw what the famous Zinedine Zidane did in the world cup, He head butted the Italian player, Marco Matarazzi. Check this out http://zinedine-zidane-news.newslib.com/story/1409-3236033/ The FIFA is currently investigating this, And so far there has been news that the FIFA has...
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    The 3 Knights

    I have a theory, what if the three knights are sora, riku, and kairi's parents? lol I know it might sound stupid but think about it.
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    Kh2 Top Seller!

    http://www.cduniverse.com/charts.asp?style=games&Cat=top&frm=lk_pburbs There kh2 is the #1 top seller game. :D plus people gave it a 10/10
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    A kingdom hearts 3

    Kingdom Hearts 2 gave us alot of proof that there was gonna be a kh3 here are some 1. Ansem the wise says " it's never over, after this there are still more enemies to defeat ( not sure but im 45% sure ansem the wise said that 2. After you beat one of the org guys with a guitar ( forgot his...
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    After Beatin the game

    Hey after i BEAT THE game I kinda felt bad because I wanted to keep playing it I didnt want it to be over, now when Im watching TV I hear the KH2 theme lol :p do you guys wish you didnt beat the game so fast? dont you wish you could keep playing it a little longer?
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    Dumb People

    Well I listen to the radio alot and there's this thing people talk about, it's people who are stupid, or just do stupid thing's I'll name some stupid stupid stuff people have done. K here we go... (1)This guy wanted to rob a bank, you know when people stand in line well this guy stood in line...
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    is this new or old

    is this new i dont know if this is new or old but here if u havent seen it here http://rds.yahoo.com/S=96781308/K=kingdom+hearts/v=2/SID=w/l=VDP/SIG=132e7sf45/EXP=1113704506/*-http://www.cibermanga.net/go_to_cibermanga/videos/t_kingdomhearts2_tgs_2k3.wmv
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    I Have Great News

    Soul Calibur 3 is coming out this year n guest u is going to be in it The Enigmatic Man (but it doesnt look like him) what do u think check it out in this video http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/soulcaliburiii/media.html
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    Semi-Important Question

    Does any one knows how do u put music in a sig/movies
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    Ansem report 12 about DiZ

    i read ansem report 12 n it seems that DiZ is some kind of shell(body) for Ansem. And he had cast off away for Ansem a long time before he met sora. Which now make him a Neo neither good or evil. No one sure yet but some theroies say that he is the co-leader of The Organization n some are saying...
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    Naruto's Voice

    is it true tht a girl plays Naruto(a boy)
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    NeoShadow card

    does any 1 know where i can find a NeoShadow card in sora's mode
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    Glitch (versing Sephrioth)

    First, i equip the kingdom key then when i was playing around with him i got jumpy a little n used guard, it block all of his beserk attacks then i use Ragnarok n i depleted 3 of his bars n im only on lvl89 in expert mode i dont know if it was just my game but i wont u guys to try n see wht happens