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    psp jap imports?

    Me recently imported Bleach:Heat the soul 4 (Me being a Huge Bleach fan) Very cool fighter!:thumbsup: Does anyone know of any other psp japanese games worth importing?
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    Final Fantasy XII. Help needed!

    I am at the Phon Coast at the moment, but the monsters around that area keep kicking my ass and am constantly being defeated. I brought some cool armor but need to get some LP points before I can use it, Me want to warp to somewhere where the monsters are easy such as 'Dalmasca Eastersand' to...
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    'POP:Two Thrones' Help!

    I am at 'The Arena' area and I am having difficulty in defeating a huge giant. I know that there are two ways to reach up to his level and i know that i have got to aim for his eyes but the question is how?
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    Release date for DMC3:Special Edition?

    I was thinking about getting Devil May Cry 3 for PS2 until i realised from visiting gamespy.com that there was gonna be a Special edition of the game, I would like to know if it has a European release date?
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    Jus wondering if anyone knew who this guy is? http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=5kk2j-1-0b38.jpg
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    Game music.

    Whats is your favourite music from video games? I personally like the music by Motoi Sakuraba from StarOcean:Til the end of time. 'Misted Moon', 'till the end of time' and 'saint's requiem' are my favourites taken from the game soundtrack. :)
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    Anyone played 'Shadow'?

    Has anyone played 'Shadow the Hedgehog', i have seen some trailers of it and it looks cool, is it worth geting?
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    wots this?

    Is there gonna be another movie/game in the ff7 compilation called 'echoes charm'. i found this on a french site. http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/7562/cloud47gi.jpg
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    worst film!

    What is the worst film in Cinema History?
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    who is he ?

    I have just downloaded the TGS 2005 Trailer, I have noticed that the unknown member of the 'organisation', the Enigmatic Man apears constantly throughout the trailer. It apears that he is disturbing the order of all the worlds in KH2, He seems to be following Sora closely i get the idea that he...
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    PSP complications.

    I have jus brought a PSP and would like to know how to upload video files onto it through my computer? The PSP plays video files of an MPEG4 Format, i have discovered that the video files i want to transfer are not of this format and will not work. Anyone know how to convert a video file into...
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    best album?

    What's the best music album you have brought this year? Mine is 'Gorillaz- Demon Days'.
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    Disney Freak!

    Ever since i started playing Kingdom Hearts, I have become a total Disney Freak! I have brought alot of Disney DVD'S, got Posters and other Disney merchandise, and i blame this all on Kingdom Hearts. I used to like and enjoy Disney when i was a young kid but now im a complete Disney maniac, I...
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    Wots it about?

    In http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/scans/100.jpg What is Sora doing with Ariel in Atlantica, there seems to be stars appearing across the screen and showing a point system 'good', 'excellent'. Is this some sort of bonus game, anyone know wots it about?
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    Game Movies

    Games have been made into films, such as 'resident evil', 'Tomb Raider' and now 'Doom'. Has anyone got any ideas about what games would be great as movies? I reckon Devil May Cry!
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    I loved the Crash Bandicoot games on playstation by NaughtyDog. i think the new Crash games suck! different game companies have created Crash games with no humour and bad gameplay. Ever since NaughtyDog finished makeing Crash it has never been the same, i am disapointed. What are your views on...
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    Dragon Quest VIII

    The American release date for the game is November. Does anyone know when it will be released in the UK, I am desperate to get my hands on it?
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    Nightmare before Christmas

    I was thinking of buying the game 'Nightmare before Christmas: Oogie's revenge'. Could anyone tell me if it's any good and worth buying ?
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    theme song

    Anyone heard the new theme song 'Passion'? i was wondering if there was any way i might be able to preview or download it from somewhere.
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    Release date ?

    I am wondering when the game Radiata Stories is going to be released in the UK? I am curently living in England and would like to know if i can get my hands on it here.