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    Scar's ghost and Vanitas

    I just got to the second visit of the Pride Lands and I encountered the mysterious phantom of Scar. Although I've played through this part several times I never really put any tought into what The Scar's ghost really is. It's mentioned in Jiminy's Journal that it was created from the evil in...
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    Legend Of Kay - One of the most underrated games

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKhz5958itI "Legend of Kay sets out to take the player on a journey which combines classic Jump and Run elements with an immersive story driven adventure. For generations the peaceful cats have lived on the mythical island Peng-Lai in the Chinese sea, together...
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    "Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest games ever made"- Gamesradar

    Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest ... | GamesRadar KHII placed 81th
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    Disputes between Lea - Even & Ienzo?

    In the latest Famitsu interview, I spotted the question: "Do the somebodies have memories from their time as a Nobody?" Nomura answered yes. So this made me thinking about Lea, Even and Ienzo. Wouldn't there be any disputes between those...
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    (Spoiler!) A few questions about Days

    There was some things that I didn't understand about Days, that has been bugging me for some time now, so... Here comes the questions! 1. Who created Xion? Was it Xemnas or Vexen? And how was she/he/it created? 2. Why didn't Xemnas tell Xaldin,Lexaeus and Zexion about the Replica Program at...
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    Roxas - Somewhere in time

    I'm sorry if this has been posted or mentiond already. I was reading a novel called: "Roxas - Somewhere in time", and I found this: So, does this mean we will be going to Hollow Bastion in Days?