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    The Israeli - Palestenian Conflict Escalation | Israel Point of View

    Greetings, I am an Israeli soldier. And no I do not deal with Israeli Propaganda on the internet, I am a simple tank driver. I would like to hear your opinions on what should Israel do in the current conflict. BBC News - Gaza militants fire dozens of mortars into Israel Palestinians and...
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    My life in the army

    Chapter 1: Basic Training A tank driver, serving in the 188th brigade at the Israeli Defense Forces. How it all began? It was a sunny day, the day I recruited was a day of mess. In a matter of a day I turned from a citizen into a soldier. I had to go through hours of checkouts, bored to hell...
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    Eagle Owl Peak

    A few years back, I participated in a writing contest that had a catch. The catch was, write anything you want inspired by the picture that the mod put. Here's my entry. Eagle Owl Peak It's funny you know, looking as terrifying and intimidating as a height of a cliff, for those who, at least...
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    The Sound of A Woman - And What I Had For A Midnight Snack

    Ah. The sound a woman makes as she sleeps. It was dark, gloomy. I sat on a chair by the bed. Listening. Her slow breaths were calling me, surrounding me. So I joined her, laying behind her back patting her dark hair that shined from the broken shards of the moonlit as it passed through cracks in...
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    Vexen The Movie

    A full length movie, that fully focus on the underrated character Vexen who painfully died by the hands of the Axel the nazi. This is his story. Prequel (Fresh from BBS, was made after the movie so you should go back and see it when you're done with the movie): YouTube - [BBS] When Vexen was...
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    Vexen Memorial Day 11.12

    5 years ago, when COM was released on the 11.11, we all witnessed in horror the death of our loved character Vexen. Number 4# of the organization , murdered by no other than Axel, conspired by Marluxia. The day of his death was set a day after COM'S events started, making it the 12th of...
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    A question to atheists

    Pretend as if god suddenly gave up on humanity, and decided to abandon it completely and leave it for it´s own destiny. How do you imagine a world without god?
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    Has Vexen ever gotten the love he deserved?

    Vexen fans, unite. We, the fans are unique for we picked up the love-to-hate character of the game, a character that was meant to annoy the player and make the player want to kill that annoying prick. However we held our patience and endured deep knowledge of the true character that is Vexen...
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    Vexen - The Movie |Episode 1#

    This is a movie about Vexen, the most underrated Organization member in the KH franchise. I have taken all of the scenes with Vexen from Re:COM , wrote a script (or randomly dubbed as I went) and dubbed them all by myself (excluding Zexion and the final scene's Sora). I tried to follow the...
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    For all the Vexen fans and haters out there

    I am currently working on this video, and I released this trailer to see how many people find any interest in my work. I didn't find any better forum to post it in, if it has any more appropriate then move it there. YouTube - Vexen's Commemoration - Life and Legacy ~ The Trailer The trailer is...
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    Another sight has been sighted- Seashore.

    Welcome again to my "theory" thread, no not really a theory but as was shown before it's another sight with as seems a new connection to things. And today, after watching the AR videos on the site I was kind shocked to see a city at the seashore.. yep A city!~~ It might be mountains, it might be...
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    Organization XIV?

    I don't know if someone has come with this idea yet, but I still want to share my thoughts. You see, I played the whole game once again ( after taking photos of the Sunset Horizon from the begininng D=) And when I arrived the beast world.. it just popped into my head: Isn't Xaldin and Xigbar...
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    [Hot] Can you see the horizon from sunset station?

    Well, a couple of days ago I saw one thread which was made by Water Dancer that told everybody that he might've found the desert like place from the secret movie in one of the worlds, in Twilight Town. After those words were said , I had to to check it out and here is my progress. all the...
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    Happy birthday COM

    The day has come! before 2 years Kingdom Hearts COM was released in japan! Hooray for sweden cheese!!
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    In 11.11.2006 there will be the second celebration of Kingdom Hearts Chain Of memories second Motha ****a birthday!!!!! Say what you think. Oh and by the way, In the 12th in November there will be a day of sorrow which will present 2 years for the death of Vexen by Axel :[
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    happy kingdom hearts COM day!! everybody

    in the same day before a year kingdom hearts chain of memories came out to japan!!!!!OMFG com is 1 years old :@
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    come in!!

    ok i got enough money to buy Oblivion and Oathkeeper but i am not in the right level can somone buy it to me i will give you the money and another 100,000 plz :D?