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    Multiple BBS theories in one(spoilers)

    Alright this is simliar to Daxma's (khv) theory but a bit different. I'm going to use poem at the end of RE:COM. Aqua helped me think this theory up along with Daxma's idea of Even being involved. This has explanations for other things too. First I'll explain it in simple form. Even has an...
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    My poetry

    I'm sorry if i'm breaking any rules I don't really remember because I haven't been active here in a couple months anyway here's some of my poetry Getting through Life The sunset, an amazing time where spirits roam free when our hearts were one i remember when we would relax by the tree but...
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    Xion's story (to be spoiler)

    the reason i put to be spoiler was because people might not explain it I'm asking if anybody could explain Xion's story. im sorry if theres already a thread for this but i just wanted to know.
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    reposting of world theory. proof this time

    i know i posted this theory before but i have proof now. we've heard before that one of the worlds in bbs are supposed to surprise us which is agrabah. im thinking that the problem is that how would we really communicate with alladin if he is like 2 years old. we would have to be talking to his...
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    kh bbs theory

    This goes along with things from the trailers. i know this is crazy theory but mx could be a person who can absorb darkness without injury. the reason that terra is so angry is that the person behind the mask (ds) could have been one of his best friends but got absorbed by mx and then...
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    Question on kh bbs

    Correct me if im wrong but we cant use gummi ships for transportation because the gummi blocks were made from the fragments of world's barriers that were destroyed by the heartless. so what are we going to use for transportation. it cant be darkness. at least for ven and aqua it cant because...
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    i think i have found out which world is supposed to surprise us in bbs

    in one of the updates on this site. it said there was supposed to be a world that surprised us. its agrabah because in one of the updates it says the one of the characters such as ven goes to agrabah.this story takes place 10 years before kh 1. right. alladdin is only about 20 so he would have...
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    kh birth by sleep. question

    I found a sorta new kh birth by sleep cutscene. yes its a theory but there is a cutscene of tifa on destiny islands. need confirmation on this scene. look up kh3 secrets revealed, made by soraku, on june 26 2007 on youtube. i know birth by sleep is not kh3
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    kh birth by sleep theories

    unbirths could possibly be spirits, beings made up of light and darkness into one thing. they could possibly be what comes from the result of keyblade wielder being killed by a normal keyblade. a keyblade that is not darkness or light. Thats why the unbirths dont appearin kh1 & 2 , because of...