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  1. Rabgix

    2nd Amendment: Right to Arms.

    Disscusion on the 2nd amendment as there seems to be a lot in another thread. So bring it over here.
  2. Rabgix

    Any more Org 13 Secrets? *Spoilers*

    OK with BBS over, whats left to know about organization 13. It showed us the apprentices and how they were before the change. And we saw Yound Axel and Saix, showing the bond between them when they were younger. Finally we know about Xemnas' creation, Xion's truth and so forth. So whats left...
  3. Rabgix

    A One Piece RP?

    Since I havn't seen one here and there seems to be lots of RPs with diferent anime, why not do a One PIece RP? I'm just throwing this idea into the air btw.
  4. Rabgix

    Whats left?

    Ok so in about 2 weeks i will have been here for a whole year, but I know have an empty feeling about this place. The next KH game probally won't come out for at least 2-3 years if We're lucky and I question what's left to do. My best friends on here arn't the same anymore and the thrill is...
  5. Rabgix

    Poetry or writing?

    Ok so i have to write a Sonnet for Lit class( a poem) and I normally prefer writing a story or essay. So ppl of KHI what do you prefer? Poetry or the writing of stories?
  6. Rabgix

    [bbs] SPOILERS. Ven's age

    So when we see Aqua in the secret ending, she hasnt aged a bit in the 10 years, so do you think there may be a chance Ven hasnt aged while in castle Oblivion?
  7. Rabgix

    Sudden Realization

    Ok we just got the 2 newest KH games recently both with a good story.(my opinion anyway) but anyway. It took so long for the 2 of them to come out. Now they announce there will be another to connect em all. If its suppose to be the climax and the best one, how long ya think it'll take for it...
  8. Rabgix

    Favorite Kh intro?

    Ok someone may have done this already, But with BBS included? pretty self-explainitory from here. Favorite into, why, and what you hope to see in future ones.
  9. Rabgix

    Saix's power?

    Ok when you fight Saix he uses kingdom hearts as his main power. but WHERE does he get his power before kingdom hearts came and when he isnt at TWTNW?
  10. Rabgix

    How long in Castle Oblivion?

    Ok, like how long was Sora and Co. in Castle Oblivion? Gamewise it seemed a few hours but in 358/2 it seems over 25 days!! What do you think?:confused:
  11. Rabgix


    Ok everyone post some of your favorite Fail, Epic fail, and FAIL or if you want, stories.
  12. Rabgix

    $$$ The Luxord Fanclub $$$

    Ok since i havnt seen a fanclub for Luxord, i decided to make it for him. All hail the Gent with all the time in the world. Also most are welcome no Anti-Luxords are allowed. More rules will be added later if the need arrives. MAJOR RULE: POST REGURALY, IF YOU DONT YOU MAY LOSE MEMBERSHIP. a...