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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    I'm so pissed off just now Somone has just bullshited me.... He was one of my friends...well, so I thought....we'd talk on msn all the time....he'd piss me off, but I'd put up with it... and now...this shit I told him I didn't want to be a member any more So he made up some bulshit story...
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    Joshua Trapon

    PROLOGUE Year 2076 Melbourne, Australia “The cure is coming” the news broadcast announced, “The instant cure for the common cold is here. From the same person that made the cure for sunburn and skin cancer, please welcome to the Pod. Tomhas Winston!” Most people looked up from their plates...
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    Happy birthday!

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    King Sora X gifty

    Pay back! xD Ver 2 Hope you like them....i don't mind them, i dunno CnC would be good too!
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    Bow down to me!

    Hey guys! I was wondering, where can i upload my brushes to the internet, so other people can use them? and how do i save them as the brush save file?? Please and thankyou!
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    Here is my newest, result of a tut that I messed around with, well it started off as a tut, then i just totally went my own way Ver 1: Ver 2: I like ver 2 cnc??
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    Some poems

    I'm thinking of adding onto it, but so far, what do you think?? Your hair, it used to make me grin Your hair, so soft, so thick, so thin Your smile, used to take my breath away always, used to make me stay Your eyes, so gorgous so bright Until that fate-ful night I'm thinking of making some...
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    KHI kh walkthrough

    Well, I just had a thought, that we should make a KHI KH walkthrough?? I know some people have made a boss walkthrough, normal walkthroughs and other walkthroughs, but I was thinking that KHI should have there own?? If people like the idea, I'll make a new thread!! Answer the poll dammit! :dizzy:
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    I'm new

    Lol I just got 1,000 posts!! :lol: anyway, just about been a year i spose :tongue: Now....congratulate me!! damnit!! :36:
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    Tag [contest] your it

    Can I haz contest?? I'm bored and feel like making another tag today, (even though i've already made 3) You can decide the requirments, because I'm too lazy! Just no text k?? 2 judges please and just one other person to challenge me
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    The Audo files

    ****THE AUDO FILES**** Welcome to the Audo Files, the number one fanclub for audo The man himself: Audo The founder: Ansemalltheway The members: Member numbers: 0 JOIN NOW!!
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    Michael Jackson

    He scares the shit outa me... He used to be kool but really, anyone REALLY like his/her music?? I don't mind it's music, i thinks it's pretty good Fuck, if theres already a thread out there, just delete this one please! Discuss about his/her music/face
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    *shrug* it was a request

    i really don't like it, because I'm not good with "Cute" but I'd love some CnC please! Eh?
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    How clean's "too" clean

    How long would you usually take cleaning a picture to put in a sig? One that I'm making now I've taking about 10 minutes to clean half of it, because it's really hard How long do you take??
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    How did we miss it??

    It's elorahs birthday! Cummon! Sing! Anyway, hope you have a good one!
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    Oooops I saw a thread about this somwhere (I dunno if it was on this forum O_o) but, uhm, I stuffed up my birthday, I have no idea how....but I did it's actually The 8th of the 6th! Can somone change it?? Everything else is right! Please and thankyou! AATW
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    Have no clue what-so-ever whether this is in the right place....move if it isn't please! :cool: Anyone make your own home-made video games?? If so, just post 'em here to get fellow game makers to play them, and give you critism.... or maybe even non-game makers to play them! If your working...
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    New shit

    Yeh....I'll post my sprites! I wouldn't call me a profesional sprite maker, but you can if you want :D! Well....CnC would be nice! :D! I know the gay thing with the text and the blood in the axe is stupid, just a trial 'twas
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    Pokemon Anime Discussion

    Please let me know if there's already one! No bashing me if I did it wrong! :D! I just thought that we need a pokemon anime discussion thread (not related to the video games) Sooo.... Discuss Go gogogogogo
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    Suck it

    A new style that I want to try out, I'll do better than this, I mainly want to know if you think it's and okay style Ver 1 Ver 2 (without text) rip me to pieces Cnc?? :D!