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  1. bond of flames

    A Vast Blue Sky

    pretty positive this belongs in this section if not, sorry anyways, this is my "band" which is just me haha been writing/playing for a few years now finally got around to recording my newest stuff and putting it on the world wide web, why not right? anyways, if possible, check out my music A...
  2. bond of flames

    What Inspires You?

    if there's another thread like this then i apologize anyways, title explains it all just post what inspires you either just tell us, or post videos, lyrics, pictures, anything for me, it's mostly quotes,lyrics, and pictures right now, for example listening to Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's...
  3. bond of flames

    Listener [Band]

    has anyone heard of these guys? i just found out about them wow, they're amazing here's a video of the first song i heard by them i LOVE it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzj6YHxr2xg
  4. bond of flames

    guess i'll post some "official return thread"

    popped in about 2 months ago and i guess i've been stoppin by everyday or whenever i can so i guess i'd call it a return i stopped comin to the forums probably about 3-4 years ago?not really sure and just came back a few months ago so alrightttttt never had a name change so people might remember...
  5. bond of flames

    Help/Support ► you are my voice, my microphone

    disregard the title, couldnt think of what to put that came to mind its a song by coconut records.very good. anywayssss lately, i've been feeling weird.blank mostly.i was driving around earlier and realized that i'm just kinda a mirror. like, whatever mood is around me, thats how i am whatever...
  6. bond of flames

    Help/Support ► guitar pickups and wood.what should i get?

    i believe this belongs in this section haha so eventually when i get a job and can therefore pay for it, i would like to get a guitar custom made my friends dad knows this guy who made my friends guitar he's really good but i'd like to figure out what i want on my guitar first i've figured out...
  7. bond of flames

    Help/Support ► Once again KHI, i ask for your help

    wow it's been a while haha anyways! to my problem at hand about 2 months ago i broke up with my then girlfriend of a year and a half and regretted it deeply i tried my best to get her back but it didnt work now, about a month after we broke up she started dating someone else and apparently loves...
  8. bond of flames

    17th Birthday today

    not sure if half of yuo remember me anymore haha soooooo im 17 now! im kinda excited only cuz i can buy m rated games now but lack of job restricts that oh well haha
  9. bond of flames

    are you serious?

    finally came back to khi and now my computer messed up on me stuck goin to the library now and i cant even update my zune now! damnnnn be talking to you guys not as much as normally though now
  10. bond of flames

    dang it

    i havnt been here in forever! looks like im back i'll try to appear more often haha
  11. bond of flames

    [tv] whats the song in that House commercial?

    its the newest commercial they had on tv, and i can't find it checked youtube but that didnt work and tried google couldnt find any websites that had music from tv commercials.well, ones that actually helped can anyone help me? i cant remember the lines.there were only 2 or 4 i believe one...
  12. bond of flames

    your thoughts/feelings when you die

    i used to think about this sometimes when we die, our thoughts and feelings and everything will be erased right?pretty much no one else knows them but you, no one knows how you feel about things.when you die, they just get throw away. and we could die anytime.a robber could rob my house in a...
  13. bond of flames

    Help/Support ► Ouch

    so, i broke up with my ex about dec.well, she dumped me, but anyways i started talking to this one girl and in january we started goin out all was normal but the last week or so things have felt weird but lets jump ahead we broke up yesterday and i miss her.like hell and i was talking to...
  14. bond of flames

    need some hlpe finding piano music for a song

    Far More by The Honorary Title ive looked everywhere but cant find the right piano(keyboard) part for it any help?
  15. bond of flames

    song from Empire Records, the movie

    heard it in the movie and checked the soundtrack but cant find it the chorus is 'save a prayer for me, save a prayer for me' or something along those lines any help?
  16. bond of flames

    [Music] The Common Trade

    my band. well, me and my friends band, but we replaced him(bassist) because he never did anything at practice so we got 4 people in it right now bassist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and vocals workin on gettin another drummer because our old one quit without telling us haha. heres the...
  17. bond of flames

    Guitar Hero:Aerosmith

    'Guitar Hero: Aerosmith' Announced | News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com there you have it next gh game is mostly aerosmith songs, with some songs by the bands that have opened for them comes out in summer how many people like this idea? i personally dont like it but i do think that they should...
  18. bond of flames

    where can i find a zune charger?

    see, me and my friends found this white zune outside between some thorn bushes.so i went go get it and it looked dead btu my friend has a zune and charged it for me and it works fine now, i dont wanna keep goin to him everytime i wanna add stuff or to charge it and i coudlnt find any at the...
  19. bond of flames

    DS Wi-Fi

    so, i dont have wi-fi at my house, so i went to my public library where they supposedly have wi-fi.but i couldnt get a signal or anything! do i need to get a wireless router and just put it at my house?i have no idea what to do any help?
  20. bond of flames

    Help/Support ► here we go again

    so, with my return comes more things/problems well, other then stuff with my gf(which i'll explain only if u guys care and ask haha) was wondering if anyone knew any exercie programs or whatever that can help get rid of meh stomach haha.wanted to lose a bit there. so yeah, not really a...