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  1. Axel's girl1312

    the Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games. for those of you who've heard of it, good for you. for those of you who've not, climb out from that rock you under. The Hunger Games follows a girl named Katniss Everden, strong, short tempered, and in all awsome. and if I tryed to go any more in to it you get bored and leave...
  2. Axel's girl1312

    Happy one year!!!!!!(I've been on here for a year)

    It's be one year today since I first joined KHI!!!! so cool!! I never thought I'd be on here for a year. I figured I would've quit KH by now after like seven years. but I'm still going at it. anyway...Happy one year to me!!!! Yeah!!!! Heheh!!
  3. Axel's girl1312


    Okay here we go. I'm using this for a school project so please don't shut it down. but here post you favorite song/singer heres mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRiLFQJjmA Florence+The Machine "Blinding" So go ahead have fun and again please don't shut this down.
  4. Axel's girl1312

    Have you ever....

    it's a game okay. I'll start by asking whoever post next something but it all has to start with 'Have you ever' I leared it at a camp I went to. after you answer the qustioin you ask one but it must start with 'have you ever' okay lets start. Have you ever walked in the wrong sex's bathroom?
  5. Axel's girl1312

    I didn't know where to put this so I put it here.

    Okay so I did some thing then another thing and now I'm grounded from the computer for two monthes. But anyway my mom is letting me on for an hour today and don't ask me why she just said I could. so I thought I'd put this out there so my Friends would know waht happened to me when they go...
  6. Axel's girl1312

    Easyist Boss

    for me from all the side story games it was Marluxia. what about you other people?
  7. Axel's girl1312

    Woo Hooo!2 in the morning!

    I love to get on now caouse I'm the only one in my Family thats awake!Totally Random of me to make a thread out of it but I don't care!
  8. Axel's girl1312

    the Random "what are you wearing today thread'?

    I got bored so I thought I would ask this.What did you randomly put on this moning.I got out some black pants black shirt red hair band.what do you have on?
  9. Axel's girl1312

    Do not tuch my cookies!

    These are my cookies.if you tuch MY COOKIES s1worstbirthdayeverI'll put my foot up your Ass! I know how many are here so don't tuch them!
  10. Axel's girl1312

    Favorite boss.

    Who was your favorite boss from days? my was Saix only becaouse I like to beat the crap out of him.and I think he's a Jackass.
  11. Axel's girl1312

    The Lea and Roxas Fan club!!

    I'm am so sorry people! my friend made this when she got on my thing even though I told her not to.I really don;t know how to work a fan club so this is not a real fan club!I am so Sorry!
  12. Axel's girl1312

    Any one else think this it stupid?

    OK in Days when Roxas go's to sleep and you have like 30 days before he wakes back up you play as like Xion or somthing. but no you just waste that time with sences and skip days.
  13. Axel's girl1312

    Axel fans Unite!!!

    Ok so my Friend said I couldint make Friends with all the Axel fans on here. So stupid like I am sometimes I made a bet.And if I can make Friends with at least 100 Axel fans as Friends on here She'll get me A hiddin Sand Head Band from NARUTO. so if you can help me out that would be Great. Just...
  14. Axel's girl1312

    It's KingdomHearts not Kingdom of Hearts!

    Ok how many times has this happened to you? One day I walk in to a gamestop looking for KingdomHeartsII and I ask some who works there, were do I find the KingdomHearts games. and he say, Oh your looking for Kingdom Of Hearts. I want to punch the guy in the Jaw for not getting it right but I...
  15. Axel's girl1312

    Fanfiction ► the story of the wise girls.

    There once were five sister, with the last name of Wise.They lived at a secret place not far from the sea. And three of the sisters were from the darkness. They came out when the one who took them to safety told them,"I can take you with me and I will keep you safe from the ones who wish to hurt...
  16. Axel's girl1312

    Wich do you like better? KingdomHearts1,2 or RE:chain of memories?

    Ok so I like the second game best becouase you get to fight with Axel! But I thought to ask other people and see what they think. so post please!
  17. Axel's girl1312

    How do you put Roxes & Ven together and why do they look so alike

    Ok my sister says she thinks Sora & Ven are Brothers. but I would Like to Know what you guys think about it?