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  1. ThePumpkinQueen

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Soundtrack

    Please move this to the appropriate area if its in the wrong place. I didn't know where to put this. With so many versions of the soundtracks which is the best one to get. I'm thinking about 1.5 and 2.5 they seem to be complete? Do any versions have both Hikari/Simple and clean...
  2. ThePumpkinQueen

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Agrabaugh Stall Chest and Puzzle peices

    I don't know how to explain this, but there is a chest and several pieces of the puzzle that appear to be stuck in the Shopping "Stalls" In the game. I can't figure out how to get to them. Can anyone help? Do I need an ability or magic or something?
  3. ThePumpkinQueen

    Is the PSP guide helpful?

    Is the Guide for Bbs good? First off does it work for the playstation as well? or do I need to find a good online guide for BBS? Also I used online guides but a friend of mine dosnt have internet acess. Is the Guide for Chain of memories ok to use if you translate it for PS3 . Just curious if I...
  4. ThePumpkinQueen

    Fanfiction ► Vampires Runaway Sora/Kairi/Roxas

    I need a better name for this Fan Fiction, been beta'd by KitKat but i'd love more opinions :) What do ya'll think. also Better title suggestions please. Author's Note Disclaimer: I do not own nor profit from Kingdom Hearts. Now that necessity is out of the way! I'm so excited to finally Get...
  5. ThePumpkinQueen

    Birth By Sleep Play Order?

    I think someone told me this once, but I forgot and i'm finally going to play BBS. However I'm unsure which order to play it in. Terra Aqua or Ventus first?
  6. ThePumpkinQueen

    Dark Aeons FF X

    I'm stuck again, and I looked on game faqs and all the usual places. Before deciding to ask here. I've only managed to kill valfor and Bahamut and that's because I lucked out with Yojimbo's special one hit and anything even yunalesca is dead attack. Any tips and strategies? They have their...
  7. ThePumpkinQueen

    Caius Battle -Serah Only-

    Ok, I can't find a good guide for this, and I've been stuck on him for several hours now. I'm trying for the paradox ending where you have to fight stronger versions of him with serah and Noel. I can't' even get past serah's battle. I Know wounding him is good , but what paradgrims/Monsters...
  8. ThePumpkinQueen

    Final Fantasy 13-2 Time Rerversal Mistake. Help!!

    Ok I think I just royally screwed up. I just got to Acedemia 500af, and I went back to get something from 4xxaf and used a time reversal on accident (finger slipped on the R1 instead of L1). I had to do it, and all that came after it again! So I did, Worst hour of my life having to replay the...
  9. ThePumpkinQueen

    Fanfiction ► IDea help/looking for a beta or beta's

    Hello, I've been wanting to write a FF on KH for a while. but I can't seem to figure out a full plot. I have some ideas but can't seem to get them to grow passed some scenes in my head. but they aren't enough for a one-shot. I like the idea of a vampire sora. Not just because of my Halloween and...
  10. ThePumpkinQueen

    TV ► Once upon a time

    I'm sure theres a thread on this somewhere, but i can't find it. Anyone else get excited seeing Yen Cid's name? and I actually think for a tv show, it did decently on ceneblog. and if Yen cuid is the sorcerer, who is the author? Some are saying its micky, but i noticed they've been sterring...
  11. ThePumpkinQueen

    Misable/alternative scenes

    Is there any besides meeting pinochio for the first time, I'm playing to platinum the game, and after playing it twice, i want to do things a bit diffrently this time. so i want to make sure i get all misable cut scenes, and alternative ones for a new gameplay. (the only trophy left is to play...
  12. ThePumpkinQueen

    Final Fantasy 13-Weapons Trophy?

    Ok, I'm at the point in the game, where other than finishing leveling up my characters, I just have marks, and getting all the weapon and acessory trophys. acessory i know what to do no problem. Weapons i"m not so sure. The whole dismantle into others is confusing. Can anyone help me with...
  13. ThePumpkinQueen

    Idea about the forum.

    You know how they have an area for acheivments you've done why on the forum. I was noticing with a lot of peoples signatures, they had a list of what games they completed or major boss they defeated. I was wondering, would it at all possible in the future to have a thing on our page or below...
  14. ThePumpkinQueen

    Trick to getting all cards?

    I'm working on getting the all card trophy. I'm not sure how to do this. I was told to do 358/2 first, which i did. how do you even get into those chest rooms? Im still learning on how COM goes. (Ps. How do you beat cloud? He keeps kicking my butt )
  15. ThePumpkinQueen

    Cake design Idea help!

    Ok my brithday is in june. but i wont get to see my favorite cake maker tell august when i visit my home state of iowa, but i am going to have a small celebration with freinds. so keep in mind this probably wont be a birthday cake but a get together cake. its been four years since i've seen...
  16. ThePumpkinQueen

    The world ends with you confusion

    What exactly does this have to do with kingdom hearts? and nother question. People keep saying their are two saga's in kingdom hearts, but i don't see it, can someone explain this to me. Because i feel like i've missed somthing major at some point along the way.
  17. ThePumpkinQueen

    Skills confusion

    I am playing KH 1.5 on Proud for the first time, and the first skill I have is the zero exp. Can someone tell me exactly the purpose of this is? I mean I know what it does. I just don't see how this could be helpful or useful. maybe I'm missing something?
  18. ThePumpkinQueen

    Speedster, Unchanging Armor Questions.

    I'm working on these three trophy's. I chose Beginner mode, Dawn, Staff, got rid of the sheild. I've clocked in Twelve and a half hours. I had to do a b it of grinding to be able to go against Cenebog (I can't spell the fantasia boss) And he is defeated. Now. My question is. Do I still...
  19. ThePumpkinQueen

    Final Fantasy PSP games

    My local used store has One, Two , and four for psp for only a couple dollars each. Should I get them, Or the playstation versions for 6 12 and 14? I just want to know if the graphics are good, if it keeps to the original story line and if there were any additions. This will help me make my...
  20. ThePumpkinQueen

    Need some decision help

    I didn't know what thread to put this in. I checked. I wasn't sure where to put this. i thought maybe general but I wasn't sure. If you know, tell me so I can move it. I'm in a position where I can finally get Dream Drop Distance(Collectors edition) and I'm not sure if I should get it. OR 2.5...