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    *I haven't written much lately so I decided to practice. This was my practice. It's just meh. I need more practice.* I'm sitting. Waiting impatiently for something to happen. Some big event that will alter the course of my life. The explosion of a super nova, the discovery of a cure for the...
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    Unless you are a nudist, or enjoy prancing through life in the buff, you probably, hopefully, own clothing. If so, where do you get your clothes? Are they hand-me-downs? What stores do you enjoy shopping at? etc, etc. okgo.
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    its so cold

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    Guilty Pleasure

    v.1 v.2 I would greatly appreciate CnC!
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    Are you a true otaku/weeaboo?

    Apparently I'm not cause I have no clue what that is. Anyone else know?
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    No need to ask permission to use. Just make sure to credit me. I'll post more, once I find more glee stocks. <3 Previous Entries: Audition Brittany/Brittney Grilled Cheesus Duets pt. 1 Duets part deux
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    The Nutcracker in 3D.

    The Nutcracker in 3D. Ud2t2k7dZqU IMDB page. Not sure if it's coming out in the states but it looks pretty cool. They gave it a darker, edgier feel to it like they're doing with most things these days. Thoughts?
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    Suckin' too hard on your lollipop?

    I've been trying to get back into graphics and what not. v.1 v.2 CnC please?
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    I see a pattern here...

    I always seem to stop doing graphics because real life loves to stick it's nosy head into mah bizness and when I start to do them again I seem to start slowly by making a bunch of avatars... hm... Hayao Miyazaki inspired Avatars: Cnc? Anyone is allowed to use these just make sure to...
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    Digimon Tamers: Corruption (A Digimon RP)

    Digimon Tamers: Corruption Digital creatures of the air, earth and sea come forth. The time is near for our return. Prepare, oh great ones. The Data Corruption has begun. Ready yourselves. Prologue: Hypno. A secret organization that monitors the activity between the Digital and real world...
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    It's Yumma!

    NGQ3FZDunQI lol.
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    Jihl Nabaat

    Made a new tag! CnC would be greatly appreciated!
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    La Luna

    v.1 v.2 I personally like the first one but the left corner seemed a bit empty and I didn't know what to do with it... and that's how version 2 was thought up...
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    It's like a sweat shop!

    No Text Text. Cnc!
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    Hey, Whats the big idea!

    Oh, Hey look what I made! s1eyeballs v.1 v.2 Cnc.
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    Break It Out

    So I don't know if this is an LP... or not but anyways I followed a tutorial to make this. The Rocket Summer is the first band that came to my head and they have a cool name so... yeah! Cnc! ^^
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    Working hard or hardly working!

    HAI! I made two tags today! :D The st. Patrciks day one in my sig annnd. CnC PLEASE! :D
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    'ello Guvnah!

    I haven't made a tag in a while. Why you ask? v.1 v.2 ^ That's why... Critique and Comment pleeease! ^^
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    Hayao Miyazaki

    If you don't know who Hayao Miyazaki is then gtfo, or read this Wikipedia page: Hayao Miyazaki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Films that Miyazaki has created: My Neighbor Totoro Spirited Away Princess Mononoke Howl's Moving Castle Ponyo on a Cliff Kiki's Delivery Service Those...
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    Just a couple that I made. cnc?