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  1. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    No matter what we're playing, reading, or watching, there are always small details that we can't help but really love or really hate. These things don't tend to be much on their own, and they don't tend to effect your opinion on the grand whole that much, but whenever you do notice it you can't...
  2. Narxus

    Comics ► Batman designed by Nomura

    So, apparently Nomura's designing DC characters for Variant Play Arts, and all I can say is...hol...y...jeezus... http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/as6lqs6m1w5hefqb8ew2.jpg...
  3. Narxus

    Castle Oblivion Nobodies

    It always bugged me that the Castle Oblivion crew never got their own Nobody underlings in Kingdom Hearts II with the rest of the Organization, something I doubt will change with II.5, so I must ask, IF they were to get their own, what would they be like and how would they represent their...
  4. Narxus


    OK, i didnt know where else to put this but the NA BBS website has been updated. I wasn't able to explore the website completely because my stupid computer has a hard time loading the site but i did notice that all worlds except for the keyblade graveyard are open
  5. Narxus

    Shifted countdown

    I'm not sure if this is intentional or not or if someone else already brought this up, but does anyone else notice we won't get through all the Org. Members b4 358 comes out? the closest we'll get is Xigbar and he'll be noted on the day it comes out. won't xemnas come in a little late?
  6. Narxus

    Terra is Xehanort theory 2

    Ok, I know that this theory is run into the ground, and I know that I've posted this theory before, however, Ive got more supporting facts of it now. PS: Please don't waste time saying how cliche this theory is, I already said I know that. -Terra and Xehanort look a lot alike(forgive the...
  7. Narxus

    TAV in Armor?

    Hey guys, I noticed in one of the scans this picture. Does that look like TAV in their armor to anyone else?
  8. Narxus

    Think'll they'll be nice?

    Do you think when converting the game to english, the designers will be nice enough to convert the "veteran" clips' mouth movements(the clips that didnt originate from 358 that were never before in english(roxas vs riku pt II, roxas and axel on the clock tower, roxas' naming ceremony,etc.))...
  9. Narxus

    358/2 Days Plot Hole (spoilers)

    I read somewhere that that Xion was a replica of sora made by vexen from soras leaked memories. however soras memories didnt start leaking until he was asleep, wich didnt happen until after the CO members were already dead, and yet they were all present when Xion joined the Organization.
  10. Narxus

    Theory: Terra is Xehanort

    ok, i know this theory has probably been said a lot, but please bear with me.Note:this thory is based almost complete speculation and has few(not none, but few) supporting facts. My theory is that at some point in the time when Terra was searching for Master Xehanort, Terra may have started...