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  1. Ernest-Panda

    KH Shower Thoughts

    What does darkness smell like?
  2. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Strange World (2022)

    I saw it last week, and my response was a resounding "meh". The loved the animation and the world designs, but the plot was pretty unremarkable, and the way
  3. Ernest-Panda

    Politics Out of date title

    Strange World has bombed at the box office because Disney couldn't be bothered to actually promote the thing, and I am 100% convinced its because of the gay character.
  4. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    It's still baffling/hypocritical to me how Disney were so against letting him have all that creative freedom. Just the other day I was watching the Disney Renaissance documentary, Waking Sleeping Beauty, and it got to the part where it talked about Bluth at Disney and how the higher ups and his...
  5. Ernest-Panda

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    In KH2, they should have made it so Twilight Town became inaccessible again after the second Hollow Bastion visit, with the reason for the seemingly unprompted second sweep of the Disney worlds being that SDG are trying to find it again. It would help to explain why they don’t just simply go...
  6. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    What if Don Bluth hadn't left Disney in the early eighties?
  7. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► The Messages in Disney Films

    Forgot to acknowledge this before but YES. I love their channel. Their analysis of the Mulan movies were really fun and interesting. Speaking of which, the live action Mulan’s message is especially crap. They literally changed the message from "anyone can be a hero" to "you need to be born...
  8. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► The Messages in Disney Films

    It always irks me when I see the "Cinderella should have saved herself" argument pop up, because it's peak victim blaming.
  9. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney+ Nightmare Before Christmas series rumor

    You say that as if Disney needs his permission. Disney owns the series, so I'm sure they'll do whatever they please.
  10. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    ^Hence why I said "not necessarily" 😛 Anyway, what if Lilo and Stitch had kept the original "Stitch is just a random alien criminal" story instead of the genetic experiment stuff? Would the movie still have been as successful? Would it have been as franchise-able? And if so, what would the...
  11. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    Yes. But what I’m saying is she wouldn't necessarily have survived the cut had Howard lived. Howard was very good at getting his way, but not always. One notable example of this is how he originally wanted the Beauty and the Beast prologue to feature an actual, fully-animated 11-year-old Prince...
  12. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    Not necessarily. They cut the song because they had to remove Aladdin’s mum from the story. I guess one could argue that Howard would've fought tooth and nail to keep her in, but not even he always got his way on these things.
  13. Ernest-Panda

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    I’m positive this is the only forum I've ever seen that has this problem. What makes this place so vulnerable?
  14. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    What if Howard Ashman hadn't died? What would the remainder of the Renaissance have been like with his further influence?
  15. Ernest-Panda

    KH Shower Thoughts

    In the KHverse, memories are connected, right? When Sora has his memories messed with in CoM, everyone else’s memories are affected too? So, would the same thing happen if one developed amnesia in a more convential, real world sense? i.e. if you got amnesia via head trauma.
  16. Ernest-Panda

    Politics Separating art from the artist, how hard is it for you?

    Off-topic, but it’s good to see you back @Willow A113. I hope things have gotten better for you.
  17. Ernest-Panda

    The Fine Thread

    EDIT: forget it
  18. Ernest-Panda

    Politics Separating art from the artist, how hard is it for you?

    And even if it wasn't her choice in the beginning, there is literally nothing stopping her from reversing it now that everyone and their mother knows who she is.
  19. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► What Film Really Started the Disney Renaissance?

    Dinosaur, the movie so forgettable that Disney’s UK branch doesn’t even consider it a part of the animated canon at all.
  20. Ernest-Panda

    Film ► Unpopular Disney opinions!

    You know what? I hate the sloths from Zootopia. I was already just kinda over them by the time the movie even dropped because cinemas' insisted on playing that same trailer before every movie. Now I've grown to absolutely hate them because of how much they still get pushed into my face in place...