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    Bowling For Soup

    Anyone heard of the band Bowling For Soup?One of the punk bands.They're Great!:thumbsup:
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    Story of the Year

    Story of the Year,one of the new born Emo band.For those who dosent know them,here is a sample of their song...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVFtRq81Ku8...Maybe you'll like them.:thumbsup:
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    Drive Forms!!!

    I dont why I enjoy using it.Never been defeated when I occur the anti-form.
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    Drive Forms!!!

    Yup.Thats kewl graphics.woot~ woot~
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    Anyone heard of the band Paramore?One of the greatest emo bands.They even got one of the most hotest vocs,"Hayle"
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    Taking Back Sunday

    Taking Back Sunday.The mother of "EMO" bands.Still kicks ass!:thumbsup:
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    Hawthorne Heights

    Anyone heard of this band "Hawthorne Heights".I like them.One of my fav. bands.I already got thier all thier albums.:thumbsup:
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    Xaldin Battle

    It is well said,you can't beat him w/o the reaction commands.
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    Drive Forms!!!

    Too bad,you didn't know how to use them in those "worst of times".
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    Drive Forms!!!

    Re: Drive Form?!! This thread is not useless you moron.If you don't like the thread,then don't post.Its just that simple.
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    have you beaten the game?

    I've beaten the game 2 times.Nothing to be proud of.Just doing the third time now.
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    Drive Forms!!!

    Most of you dosen't know how to use it and thats why your saying it sucks.
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    At first,I underestimated him.But I spoke too soon.His a Kick-Ass Boss!!!
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    What i came up with on the secret video in KH2

    wow! nice ideas TwilitHeart14.Good observation though.
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    Hayner, Pence, Olette!

    uhm,maybe he was just confused and needed his friends to be with him.Cuz maybe he feels comforted around his friends.Just like me.
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    Drive Forms!!!

    it appears randomly when you use the drive forms often.
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    What if Namine was a boss?

    If she was a boss,it would be interesting...It wud be so much kewler if we use Kairi as the character to be Namine.But,thats impossible.
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    Question about Zexion

    I agree with kingdom2917.He has a point to that.
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    Sephiroth in Final Mix

    I think it be alot harder.Hey,its Sephiroth,wat do you expect.An kickass character!
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    KH2: FM+ Site Music For Download

    Nice!!! woot~woot~ Kewl!!!