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  1. MizuMikomi

    Similarities in Music and possible connections

    I've noticed Numerous times in the past that many themes in this series sound extremely similar to one another. For example, Dark Impetus and Darkness of the Unknown share the same melody, just with a different tempo in places and instrumentation. The same can be said for Hunter of the Dark and...
  2. MizuMikomi

    Reconnect Kingdom Hearts - A theory of sorts

    Alright, so it's literally been years since I last even attempted to theorize. But something hit me the other day when I was playing Birth by Sleep Final Mix. I decided to load up theater mode and watch "Blank Points", and "A Fragmentary Passage" back to back. In the past I've done this...
  3. MizuMikomi

    Hey there, random person here... okay not really

    The name is Mizu, I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan for many years now, and have lurked on KHinsider off and on throughout them. I was doing my usual lurking today in the Jump Festa Thread, and thought "Why don't I just join? No harm in that, right?" Here's a bit about me: Interests: Anime...