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  1. zachen

    KH3d on the New 3ds?

    Hey all I was wondering does anyone know if kh3d registers the new c stick as a circle pad pro? Thanks!
  2. zachen

    The missing KH title?

    So do you guys remember Tetsuya Nomura announcing a KH title featuring a new main character? This would have been 2 years ago or so. I ask because I wonder if that game will ever happen and if so what relevance does it have?
  3. zachen

    Help/Support ► Does life lose its spice...?

    Hey everyone I just graduated from high school about a month ago and I am planning on going to college this coming fall. In these last few weeks I have been brooding a lot about what the future holds and I have read a ton of other people's personal thoughts on this topic, and from what I have...
  4. zachen

    KHIII Wishlist

    So what things do you all hope to see in the last title of the Xehanort Saga?
  5. zachen

    So is it possible....

    That we will see a final mix of DDD? I myself don't know how much new content (if any) was added to the English localization. If there was, is it enough to constitute a final mix version?
  6. zachen

    Help/Support ► I just don't get it..

    A little background information for you I am 17 and desperately need a job because my parents are riding me to get one. Anyways about a month ago I went into my local pizza parlor with my friends the manager came out and we got to talking I mentioned how I needed a job and he mentioned how he...
  7. zachen

    Gundam RP Rebirth?

    A couple months back I tried starting up a Gundam Rp however something came up and I wasnt able to continue making it. So now I am here again asking if anyone is still interested in doing this.
  8. zachen

    A black dawn

    I have seen the world In its brightest moments And its darkest Now we all stare at a bright light That is encompassed in darkness But we worry not Because we know This is the end We have worked so hard to achieve With one last smile And one last embrace We part ways Into the Brave New World
  9. zachen

    Dustin Thomas

    This is a small town band that I heard live a couple months ago. I recently found them again online and I found one of their online playlists. Check'em out. Dustin Thomas Btw my favorite song is Guts what are yours So discuss.
  10. zachen

    A Gundam Rp?

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing one. I'm still working on the basic plot but it would be basically a group of incredibly talented mobile suit pilots fighting the corrupt government.
  11. zachen

    Time Traveler Caught Using Cell Phone?!!

    Early Show, Ellen, Regis and Kelly Recap - Yahoo! TV The important stuff(aka the stuff retraining to the thread) ends at 1:15 Discuss and Theories anyone?
  12. zachen


    as the man stands outSide my window i feel fear not from this worLd i proceEd to cower under the blankets an uNwise decision.... For now his thinneD body can come into my room in that terrifying suit he approachEs me i poke my head out of the coveRs and stare at the MAN with no face....
  13. zachen

    1 year

    ..... is how long long I have been on this awesome forum. Cake and cookies for all that enjoy mah KHI birthday =D granted someone has to bring the cake
  14. zachen

    So KHI's first annual Dissidia Tournament?

    Seeing as our dear Shamedo has given approval for this occurring. I am here to ask you, the dear people, of KHI would you be willing to participate? Regards, -Zachen Edit: notes= I decided not to include decent wifi rule as it will provide issues Current Rules and Requirments -No...
  15. zachen

    Attention all Chibi Drawers!

    Hello all of you gloriously wonderful artists I would greatly appreciate a Chibi Sora (preferablly Kh2) avatar kind of like this Axel one Please feel free to post any info you may need
  16. zachen

    3 day trip = 3 days worth of a hiatus

    As the title says me and my family are going on a trip tomorrow so I won't be online for about three days unless i can actually post on the PSP which then will just mean I won't post as frequently. So have fun whilst I am gones1gildragonin30years
  17. zachen

    KHS an amv

    Title says it all......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcwiOlo-6RE
  18. zachen

    Wat happened there...............

    so I couldn't access the forums last night until just now was anybody besides me having these issues.
  19. zachen

    Huge Sony Vegas Issue

    Alright so here is what is happening I just recently obtained a copy of SVP 9.0 and whilst I was making an AMV my preview screen went black but my audio is still there now I just got it today and I did have videos in my amv HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. zachen

    Elementals an original roleplay (signups and OOC)

    Intro, Welcome to Elementals an RP about humans that can control elements and weild them like weapons for example an Elemental of fire can control flames and use them as weapons to fight or even protect. Now Elementals must have some form of their element near them another example would be...